Musings: Piku Chowdhury

Piku Chowdhury

Milk tea and no wine for me
Ikebana good company
Movies, soaps and cooking blogs
Beauty in chequered embroidery.
I sip the mundane brew of life,
I sew and mend the straining lies,
I dust the rusty tales of love
In the shadowed scullery.
Lowercase my scribbled self,
Spelling mistake-dotted text;
Spinning yarns of myriad sighs
Joyful patterns of tapestry.
Someday should you just drop by
Savour the pastry, feel the lines
The ennui - the flowing poetry.

The quest

I keep scanning varied books
Pages turning inside my head
Texts in jackets bright and fade.
Understand some, skip some more
Remember none. Eyes get sore-
I feel scared but lives pour in,
Bounded texts with little to offer,
Clichéd acts of endless chatter;
Each encounter, a futile hope
For the meaning of the word.


Veiled priests to the sanctum go
Seeking the light, seeking Grace
High minarets of poetic truth
Sacred forays, sacred quest.
I confess I cannot seek
Salvation rom my holocausts.
I am not cut out for prayers
Nor for journeys put on show.
I can never don the veil,
To hide the fire, the rancid smell;
I can only touch the lines, that
Scrape some meaning off the mess;
Lines that trudge on mundane grounds
Amidst the grime, chaos sans grace.

Piku Chowdhury: Assistant Professor, at Satyapriya Roy College of Education (Government Aided Post Graduate College). Ph.D. (English), Ph.D. (Education), Author of 9 books, Translator, Editor, Resource person - national and international seminars, NIEPD, State Resource for SSM in collaboration with UNICEF, Project Director in Research Projects funded by UGC and ICSSR.

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