Hyphenated Identities: Anne Madhu Gammon

Anne Madhu Gammon was born and educated in Chennai, India where she discovered her mission and found the best way to be educated is be prepared to listen and look, then in asking questions. Having seen her father a lawyer, and mother full time homemaker give their time and ability to help those in need, inspired her to become a doctor. She graduated from Christian Medical College and specialized in Dermatology at Madras Medical College. She was involved in ICMR Delhi collaborative Research Study Project with Wellcome Unit CMCH Vellore, with her husband Keith known as ‘the surgeon with the golden voice and singing fingers.’ Madhu is Third-Degree Black Belt. She and her family reside in Princeton, NJ.


From the day of first breath we are closer linked to life than death
I wonder then why do problems ever trouble me?
When dawn delight opens my sleepy eyes
I realize my own frailty without family

Lost without a single friend and community
O Lord have mercy! Oh! Where am I!
Who am I, but a humble bungling
Student on my knees!
Here I am, now in these Covid19 times
We come to re-think on these
That sneeze has multiplied a thousand rhymes
Caught in a winter freeze ...
Carried far by robust summer breeze
Beyond the trees, across the seas to overseas
To a new world power of statistics...
Tis not a tease.

Covid like a tempest has hit the world
And hurt us all…we are not at ease
We learn our lessons and take the cue
Made in India or USA… we do the best of right
Should we follow rules or be a fool?

Think on these…if we love ourselves, we are of better value
And able to love our neighbor better still
And if we love our neighbor, we show justice and forgiveness
As workings from our hearts
Walking humbly, hidden in plain sight.

As doctors, nurses, paramedics learn their arts
Of compassion for the wounded rubble…carry on
As made in India, seasoned in USA, and growing... we live and move
As God would have us do, with His mercy and Grace
We strive to do it right.

I learned LOVE, my parents’ sound advice
In times good and bad, be grateful, look to God, 
Help be a fix, in caring, for a solution, 

In practicing perseverance, learn to carry on in LOVE and PEACE.

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