Poems by Chaitali Sengupta

Chaitali Sengupta

Intimacy, intense though it is,
Is measured in spoons.
Loneliness, a map
as vast as space.
A black hole of nothingness.
swallowing the light
of the brightest stars.
In severe silence
they bask in reflected light
Or get lost
deeper into darkness
of loneliness.


When the summer ends
and the leaves fall...
gracefully, without any regrets,
any desires...
any attachments...
any afterthoughts...
Yet, whispering the promise
of return,
with another season,
another riot of colors,
another etching,
another dream,
another awakening into autumn...
like a poem, that says
permanence is an illusion.


Silence is
in the beating of your pulse
in the rising of the sun
in the dropping of a leaf
in the flicker of your vein
in the freezing of the lakes
in the falling of a star
in the flowing of your tears
in the floating of the clouds
in the stretching of the hills
in the air in your lungs
in the subconscious of your soul
in the passing away of breath
in the infiniteness of space
in the nothingness of Shiva.

Bio-note: Chaitali is a published writer, translator, journalist from the Netherlands. She is involved in various literary & journalistic writing & translation projects for Dutch media houses, online platforms & various social organizations in the Netherlands and in India. Her recently published translated work "Quiet Whispers of our Heart" received rare reviews and popular acclaim.


  1. The depths of these poems are heart touching...
    Want to read more poems from Ms.Chaitali Sengupta...

  2. Thank you Ipsita! Your words encourage me!

  3. Fantastic lines, with deep understanding and philosophy..


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