Poetry: Brindha Vinodh

Brindha Vinodh

Kindness has a language of its own,
may we inscribe its inscriptions
before it fades into obsolete oblivion.
Like the sun, moon and stars infinite,
pristine prayers pervade upon the beauty of our lives,
may we use the power of prayers to bestow
peace upon Earth.
Prayer is the ultimate
rendition of intimate emotion,
may we all pray
for a better tomorrow
burying beneath today’s sorrow.
Prayers are priceless,
may we value its preciousness
and pray for the togetherness of humanity?

Mirror reflections
(minus side)

I am a tapestry of stretch marks
an embroidery of wrinkles
an oasis of parched lips.
My true selfie-camera, the mirror.
(positive side)
Aah… awestruck I am!
Moon, feel free to borrow
some shimmer from me.


Devils devour me
like sprouted oleanders…
in stinky waters I sink
holding yet my non-commercial breath
before it fades away
as dying droplets of brink.
In the bemoaning sea I drown,
humanity is my comrade in distress
for the devils didn’t
spare either-
impartial at that.
I become an exorcist
drinking insipid potions
so they float-
my offspring
on potential portions.
The cell phone
Tumbling, I wake up to the jangling metallic sound
of the morning alarm from my phone,
pushing my body like an acrobatic gymnast.
To the era of technology’s techniques I hone
brewing coffee with the fragrance of morning messages,
rhythmic ringtones welcoming the day with onamatopoeiac chimes.
The whispers of my handbag secrets it captures
like a puppeteer holding me captive,
a slave have I become to the will of the master?
A call and I connect to my loved ones near and far,
the world, indeed, becomes a ‘global village’on par
yet cases of cybercrime claim it to be a bane than a boon.
An inevitable invader of modern era,
the cellphone has intruded like a double-edged knife
and the goodness of it I make use in my life.

BIO: Brindha Vinodh is an Indian currently residing in the United States of America. She holds a masters in Econometrics from the University of Madras but she is a writer within. Her poems have been published in several magazines and e-zines and she has contributed to several anthologies.

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