Christine Larsen

Christine Larsen 

“Tell me the Sunflower story again, Gran. Will you? Please... please?” I smile at the earnest cherub's face snuggling next to mine. Irresistible, those imploring blue eyes and the shimmer of golden curls as Catrina tosses her head.

“Hmm… I love that story too. The author’s name is Georgianna Moore. Such a special feeling her words gave me...”

Catrina wriggles around until she’s comfy on my lap, studying me seriously as I begin the story of the Sunflower’s Seeds of Peace.

“A long, long time ago—”

“Even before you were born, Gran?” Catrina’s eyes are as round as a soup ladle.

“Yes... EVEN that long ago! Now shush!”

I tell her how bountiful the Earth was then, with the cleanest waters, greenest grasses, tallest trees for shelter, and fruits to feed the birds, animals... even Man himself. And flowers. So many flowers being visited by the busiest bees, filling human hearts with happiness.

“And stars, Catrina. SO many stars—”

“… couldn’t count them if you lived to be 100. I know Gran. You ALWAYS tell me that,” and the little monkey wriggles impatiently.

Once again, while shushing her and hiding a smile deep inside, I remind her if she keeps interrupting, I might forget the whole story. And phew! Praise the Lord, that warning works.

“Throughout the world people were content, sharing the wondrous blessings, living in harmony with the land they loved, only taking what they needed to live, nothing more, instead of bending and breaking Mother Nature.”

“But then the evil spirit came, and everyone forgot.” Catrina whispers the words, as though that’s not interrupting. I smile, this time answering her.

“They DID... that’s right, little one. And instead of sharing, the people became greedy and jealous, wanting more and more, forgetting what a wondrous life they had. Now Man damaged and destroyed both land and animals. Humans were killing and fighting and extinguishing the special treasures with pollution and weapons of war. The world started dying as love and hope and peace disappeared.”

Catrina’s gorgeous eyes have tears brimming on their lids. “Oow Gran! I REALLY don’t like that evil spirit they let into their hearts.” With the biggest sigh, she straightens up, tossing her curls. “But a new, GOOD spirit came along, didn’t it, Gran?”

“Ohh yes, darling.” I hug her tighter. “They called it ‘God’s Wings’ — as though angels came in the night and whispered in the ears of birds and animals of the land and the creatures of the sea. And the whisper said they were the chosen ones to stop the pain and destruction, or else the world would not survive.”

“But Gran, what should they do? Animals can’t speak ‘human’, so how do the people understand?”

“Well, they needed SOMETHING — a symbol of brilliant peace to change their hearts. But what? They worried and talked and tried and didn't find an answer. It filled them with despair... UNTIL—” This time I interrupt myself. I stop, widen my eyes, and open my mouth in a huge ‘O.’

Catrina’s mouth makes a large ‘O’ too, hands clutching between her knees. “I know. The Sunflower!”

“YES!... remember why, clever puss?”

Nodding her head and clearing her throat, she summons up a most solemn and important voice. “The Sunflower told how she was what they needed, being so tall and the brightest yellow… and animals AND people, too, feed from her leaves and seeds, too. And plain old dingy clothes turn to gold from the bright petals.” Catrina pulls down my chin to look solemnly into my eyes. “They stain everything, Gran — fingers and everything. Did you know that?” I nod.

“There’s more Gran. Now you must shush while I tell this best bit.” It’s SO difficult keeping my face straight. “The Sunflower said she always drops seeds on the ground and heaps grow and drop their seeds, and more grow — and soon there are millions of them. And then she said… “Catrina must scramble to her feet to say the MOST important words in her deepest, sternest voice.


“Your turn again, now. Go on, Gran!” and Catrina curls into my lap once again.

“Well, thanks, cherub! The creatures were SO happy and excited, clapping and cheering. The Sunflower would have blushed... if she were not such a bright yellow already. At first they wondered how to spread this peace, until one bluebird suggested each feathered friend take one sunflower seed along when migrating, and while flying over every nation, they would drop the seeds to grow as a gift of peace.”

“And that special thing Sunflowers do, Gran?”

“All over the world — everywhere those Sunflower seeds sprouted and grew, a golden glow spread out in a large circle around each plant. It was a magical space, warm and comforting, and the people were happy again, remembering to love and respect each other and their world. Soon that symbol of peace was filling hearts everywhere.”

“They believed angels fanned the golden light of love with their wings, and God’s hand turned the Sunflower’s face to see the rising sun in the east, keep following it across the sky, and still be watching at sunset in the west.” I give my little ‘angel,’ a hug as I kiss the top of her head.

“This is STILL the Sunflower’s gift to the world — a reminder to never lose sight of the pure gold that is LOVE surrounding us.”

Catrina stretches her neck to plant a kiss on my wrinkly cheek. “I love Sunflowers Gran. I love them almost as much as I love you. Almost!”


BIO: Christine Larsen – alias cdcraftee – writer, farmer, wife, mother, grandmother, and rescuer extraordinaire of human and animal children. Christine and husband are aged pensioners, living in the South East of South Australia on their retirement farm.

Unable to handle rejection 45 years ago, her writing works were packed away for 30+ years, until deciding to ‘warm up’ in a different field. For some years Christine wrote articles on Squidoo, then HubPages and Ezine Articles before teaching herself self-publication on Amazon. By choice, those early eBooks, and inclusion in anthologies, are her only published works.

Today, Christine finds Googling her (cdcraftee) name and seeing her websites and other writings incredibly satisfying. All these works are free to read in several places, with the exception of raw works still in progress. Her choice has resulted in no fame or fortune, but priceless personal satisfaction.

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  1. A wonderful story from an inspiring body of work. I can definitely recommend cdcraftee's stories.


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