Collaborative Art: Photography and Poetry

Photo by Carl Scharwath


A poem by Rosalyn Bernardo Pastrana

I was your little sweet child
Back then, so secured in your loving arms
Your heart captured the lovely picture of me
My young mind may not remember that moment
But my little face imprinted in your very heart I saw
And your love is beyond this photograph
Forever felt deep inside of me
As I miss you so

Though you were gone long ago
Still so vivid in my heart and thoughts 
All the sweet memories of those yesteryears with you
Like this precious old photograph
A one-year-old little child of yours
With unfading colors of your unconditional love
No silver or gold can outweigh its worth

I’m still keeping this photograph
Safely kept in the pocket of my heart
Wherever I go, I love to look back
In your heart maybe saying,
“If you were gone,
You were leaving a real jewel my heart can hold”
And you were right, my beloved father when you said,
“No thief would dare to steal from you,
Holding memories in your hand.”

Rosalyn Bernardo Pastrana (poet) is from the Philippines. At an incredibly young age, she has started writing poems inspired by her late father who showed her the beauty of poetry. She loves writing songs, doing collaborations, along with joining Anthology and Poetry Prompts. She also has keen interest in photography and graphic design. Rosalyn was previously published in another collaboration with Carl Scharwath. 

Carl Scharwath (photographer) has appeared globally with 170+ journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art. Three poetry books Journey To Become Forgotten (Kind of a Hurricane Press) Abandoned (Scars Tv) and Lake County Poets Anthology have been published. His first photography book was published by Praxis. His photography was also exhibited in the Mount Dora Center For The Arts gallery and their exhibition “Be A Part Of It.” Carl is the art editor for both Minute Magazine (USA,) A Too Powerful Word (Serbia,) a competitive runner and a 2nd degree black-belt in Taekwondo.

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