Poetry: Ujjal Mandal

Ujjal Mandal

O, God! Wake Me Up

O God! wake me up
from the shell
of numbness
As like the stooping
held their heads high
when the sun kisses
them with warm lips.

The Beauty of a Poet

The beauty of a poet lies
On the drawing 
Of sweet feelings on the 
Pages of countless hearts
As like Nightingale's beauty
In her sweet songs. 

Love of Sweet Hearts!

Don't believe in love of eyes,
It changes like the seasons.
Do believe in love of hearts,
It stands like a huge mountain.

Life and the Boat

The boat sails 
breaking the waves.
If the waves win, the boat
must sink. Life is like
the sailing boat, obstacle 
is the beauty of life and
overcome it, is the supreme joy of life.

What is Sadness?

A room full of bright lights,
Suddenly extinguished;
Darkness covered 
The whole room with his
Black clothes, 
As like a jolly day
When the sun hides
In the wings
Of clouds. 

Bio: Ujjal Mandal, a Postgraduate scholar and an emerging poet from West Bengal, India. He hails from Ganguria, Malda. He was born in 1995. His work has been published worldwide in journals, magazines, blogs and anthologies. He says, "poetry is an eruption of feelings through the geothermal heart". He could be reached at um199521@gmail.com

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