Poetry: J. D. Nelson

J. D. Nelson

the tempeh to suit me (nano)


this chunk of cheese

the lesson is the high lamp of the puffin


were you bart or bert?

the shape of the elf was a ping to seat me


this dolphin is the hum of the henna

in one of those thinline area code sleeves


jon is the rabbit


that rose is the miracle of the dream

that rose is the shield of the lips


be the beef of the island

study a flute of the mare in the nice eye


the moon learns of the sports glam


crucken that dale

a talk was the spire


that bucket was a chip of the night

the head of the loan island wins the bull to wuck


the neat eye of the clean wobble


yore and sc



drunk sheets that yuh

and baby bert


that seventh lamb is now

the world of the pie creek


the sun was wonderful

that light and that lemon


the solid tusk was the flipping hand of the caramel north


this is the pie of the cork

the charm of the boxing blue


the seated health of the fright

the dolphin of the headlights


that loop is the santa feather

the choice chuck is the world


in the light of the butter

I was a corner or vertex


the muffled roc of the hunting

lightning comes to the lake


your blood is the chirp of the colonel of stairs


clown buck

a fathom is the neck


to see a spider in the clouds

that was the old salt to lose


a nail of the burger to chew

that bird was a plum


the night is the clock of the stars

to lose that pressure of grapes


the ripe rat is on the raft

the key cloud is a HUM


this word like that weather

this is the cooking wood of the first fire


that old pole is the northern south

that winter eye is the key of the planet to lose

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