IMAGES: Devi.B.Nangrani

Devi Nangrani
Life and death are friends,
Death follows life
Life dies with death
The flight of thoughts,
Is limitless,
But breaths have one.
The rays of sunshine 
Penetrate through openings
That let them in.
Reality survives,
All dreams come to an end
When I awake.
Ideas when implemented
Reflect to show
The mind as a weapon.
Illusions are like dreams
Make no difference to the mind
As only the mind thinks.
The doors of my heart 
Are open to joys and sorrows
With a sign “welcome”.
Man is defined
Not by intelligence but acts
That are human.
Storms cannot destroy me
For, I am not a tall palm
I am a tender, humble, flexible bush.
A Friend is a torch
That shows the path to another 
On a dark cloudy day.
A streak of light
Penetrates from the darkest cloud,
To absorb all darkness.
Life is born to live 
But death chases it
Till it dies.
The doors of my heart
Are open to the sorrows
That bloom to be my joys.
Beauty lies in the hearts
As seen by the seeker
Who captivates it in his own heart.
We have to open
The mind to truth
To cultivate the truth.
Passions are intruders
That robs the truth
That is basis of living
The product of pain
Is definitely pleasure
The fruit of patience.

The dove so beautiful
Is in the prison of love
Though woven from silk.
Thoughts of desperation
Heard inaudible soft velvet whispers
Diffusing in soul's breathless desire.
Heart of hearts
Prevails the truth
Unhidden from self
If The rays of the sun
Pierce through the clouds
To reach the ground
Close your eyes
See the boundary
Beyond it.
Between the lines
Are lines that really go
Unread all the time.

As the setting sun
Melts below the horizon
Stars applaud her now

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