Poetry: Kanthimathi Krishnasamy

Kanthimathi Krishnasamy
Digital World 

Wired world, wi-fi nations
Neglected ploughs, flourishing space stations
Starving Sam, jobless Salim
Elevated bridges, trampled dream
No mourner’s in funeral procession
Recorded dirges blare at life’s cessation
Mentoring websites, virtual classes
Fast Track Highways, carnal touches
AI on high esteem
Alas human emotions scream
Omnipresent is the Digital 
Conveniently forgotten Individual
Sadly! Our villages are whining
Nevertheless, digital world is shining.


Home trapped, Feel alive,
Lock, entomb, to thrive,
Confine, Stay indoor
Anxious nature did unheedingly roar,
God’s wrath slithered germ spread,
Society distanced hitherto kins yoked.

‘Where?’ Crow curiously cawed,
‘Deserted!’ morbid Mongrel moaned,
‘Normal?’ Squirrels scampered to know,
‘Did bipeds hide in a fitful fiery row’?
‘Listen’ twittered frisky Sparrow,
‘We may not be heard tomorrow’.

Screaming their deed aloud,
Homo sapiens will shortly crowd,
Pilfering to hoard, Polluting the road,
Whilst the wild remains civilized
Anon Humanoids sojourn paralyzed.

For now, grievous quarantined Solitude
Silenced streets crack at sirens blare
Sans mercy the shrouds and conches prepare
Dusky days dark dyes scare
Our own making this deadly snare.


Royally flying trans-nation
Sans borders mission damnation
You stay in home quarantine
Else be my loving valentine.

Bio: Kanthimathi Krishnasamy is an Assistant Professor of English in a college in Chennai. She started writing poetry from the age of 13. She has won prizes for her creative writing during her student days. She is a free-lance writer and reviewer. Her passion and interest for creative writing gives her the energy and spirit to be an ardent observer of Nature and Humanity. Her poems have been published in Anthologies. 

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