Poetry: Utpal Chakraborty

Utpal Chakraborty
Addressed to Love

A valley of fragrance meant a lot.
A hibiscus
standing alone
by the roadside
shook the strings.
I didn't dare pluck her
unpronounced elegance.
A dahlia, brought home
shines on my bed
making a spread.
To stand out
I often gaze at
the nail of
my ring finger
let to grow.

A tilak on the forehead
scores the background.
Lie far below all that is audible
the codiciado.
Soon after the clothes are surrendered, 
the absolute descends.

You too begin in
evening ragas.
Mornings and noons
yield to incessant downpour.
Clouds don't precipitate
as the sky does never sit
on the wings of a grasshopper.

So many afternoons
have sneaked into this golden evening.
Have I got myself yet?
The world should know
we are not related--the truth.
Let Venus not sleep
till this play of
anagapesis remains a secret.

Looking the handicraft through
you have kept your
specs on a power loom.
If you want to listen to the sound of scissors in the feathers of a pigeon, 
whose mind could you find to bandage around?
Whom would you take along to show the bunker?

Utpal Chakraborty: A teacher of English literature, translator, writer, critic and a bilingual poet Utpal Chakraborty is a regular contributor to leading Bengali and English magazines. Chakraborty's Uranta Dolphin, an acclaimed collection of fifty-five Bengali poems was published by Signet Press in 2018. He has translated Bitan Chakraborty's critically acclaimed collection of Bengali short stories, under the title The Mark (Shambhabi Imprint, 2020). His book of English poetry @kirigami recently published by Hawakal has had rave reviews by reputed poets and critics. Utpal Chakraborty has received Panorama Global Literary Award 2020 from Indus Scrolls in association with Writers Capital International Foundation.

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