Poetry: Rukshana Zaman

Rukshana Zaman


The lush green woods

the silence...

be it the squirrels that pulled at each other and raced around

be it the rain drops that added to the rustling of the leaves

it was a world far far away...

I closed my eyes and let go... gave myself up to the moment

no words... no thoughts....

a few stolen moments in time that would always be mine...




She is a Woman

She laughs

She smiles

She listens to you

She prays for you

She gives her strength to you

She stands alone in a crowd

Waiting for you

She takes life in her stride

She gives up her mental peace

Just to give you your peace of mind

Yet she never gives her sorrows, her pains, her tears…

These are hers alone and she guards them and hides them

She is a woman and all she has ever done is to give her heart to protect and love you.

(written on mental health day for Psychology Discipline of IGNOU, 9th October, 2013)




Celebrate ‘Me’ everyday

Treat me as a woman every day of my life
Not just today
I need to be confident every day of my life
Not just today
Cherish me and reassure me of your presence every day of my life
Not just today...
Let’s celebrate each day of our lives as Women’s day
Not just today

(in response to the over popularising of International Woman’s Day)




Dream within a dream
I try to wake myself from a deep slumber
Eyes refuse to open
Hands go numb
Brains screaming instructions go in vain
Whole body is in pain
Yet body refuses to listen to the brain
I know I am in a deep slumber
Yet am dreaming...
A dream within a dream




  1. Dear Ruksanaji,
    Your poem 'She is a Woman' is a tribute to every women. It suits to every role that she plays in the society. Great work.

  2. Very touching...
    '....a few stolen moments in time that will always be mine'.
    Excellent piece of work.


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