Railway Station: Photo Essay by Rameshwer Singh

Rameshwar Singh

I visit my favourite relaxing place: Railway Station: Recent visit during Covid 19 Scare

Tracks gives me different lessons of 
how the life journey unfolds. 

Almighty has chosen your tracks
You are on it 
Move on 
You see tracks are changed many times,
Take heart,

Changing tracks are leading to your destination.

Reaching Railway Station Daurala: A rural railway station:

Lonely station
Sends me a 
Fragrant smile.

Through the eyes of a tree Standing there for years.

Typical Water Tap
We are all familiar with
It says
I don't want to stand here idly
Come and quench your thirst
I get pleasure by serving
Trains missing
So are the travelers

A Goods Train parked
Different Stylish names on every carriage
They tell me
Economy is recovering.

An over bridge 
Usually vibrant with
Multiple footsteps 
Now waiting for someone 
For the company.
It seems happy 
Seeing me there.

I see a toilet 
Exclusively for Divyangs.

If I can walk today
I may not do it tomorrow
If I can eat today with my hands,
May not do it tomorrow.
Better I serve and help today
Those who can't do it today

I sit at a platform bench 
To unfold some divine 
And spiritual thoughts 
flying and floating 
In my conscious.
Absolutely lonely today.

A temple at a platform unique occurrence at Indian Rural Railway Station.
Mantras floating in the air
Transcendental for me.

A Goods Train enters
I wave at the driver.
He reciprocates happily.
Somewhat amazed 
To see me standing alone.
Train passes through.

I love last cabin 
That of the guard.
It tells that 
This story finishes here.

Guard waves at me.
I wave too.

Anytime I see train Disappearing
I feel sad.
It reminds me
Life is a short journey.
Live it with Love 
Till you live.
Time to return

While returning 
I see a man 
Riding on a bicycle on platform.
It reminds me of 
My childhood riding bicycle to my school.
It also reminds me of 
Fast disappearing 
Postman and Newspaperwala.
When travelling starts 
After Pandemic
I will find more stories
That define Humanity.
Love you all

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