Author of the Month: Heath Brougher

Heath Brougher

Inches Away from Infinite Glory

I am a 1000-petaled Lotus away
from being crowned more than human—
even with the venomous characters who currently 
populate my life only for the sad sadistic purposes 
of pummeling my fortitude into the dirt 
for months on end—in Truth, it is them 
I feel sorry for—they are only sabotaging themselves 
and are not even aware of it. 
I can be starved, made homeless, fall upon a string of black days 
in a mad season during which I am attacked 
by grift or jibe or negative command and still my pursuit 
to create positivity 
stands stronger 
than the steel that doubtlessly runs through my veins. 
My resolve is too strong.
All of their obstacles designed to pull me down 
have become but a mere inconvenience.
I have been pushed and shoved by cowards
for so long 
it is a foregone conclusion 
the next pitch 
will yield a grand slam!

Photographs of Laughter
Remember to always keep some space  
open in your heart and mind  
for the presence of the unimaginable. 
Do not choose to look at the light. 
Choose to be the light. 
Choose to illuminate. 
Choose the good stuff. 
Trust that your wildest dreams 
will all come True. 
For you know the extent to which you  
ar(t)e determined.  
Believe in your journey. 
Cultivate your Self— 
create only with Truth. 
Be an artist and paint your own treasure.  
Know that the impossible  
is usually the untried.  
Fall down 10 times 
and stand up 11.  
Know that the only timelessly beautiful creations 
are usually seen by the herd as imperfections.  
So, pay no mind to the herd. 
Live with a strong resolve not to look into their insane and poisonous mirrors.  
Shine like the manifestation of the Multidimensional Multiverse that you are.  
Believe in your Self or else be doomed  
to live your life as a ghost. 
Become so True that others begin 
to question your sanity—though fear them not. 
Your Truth will cause them to bloom anger— 
an anger they will misdirect toward you  
due to their own failures and realizations  
that they have lived their lives as slaves. 
Besides, why give them a millisecond of your time 
when you are kissing the most beautiful girl in the world, Epiphany herself!

Yesterday’s Epiphany
Until yesterday the origins  
of human awareness,  
human essence itself, 
were seen, at best,  
through a thick, 
fog-ridden peachfuzz.  
As of a couple hours ago,  
the stealthy scissors of science 
have cut eyeholes through the blear 
and a new shade of light has birthed 
itself upon this Sentient planet.  

Of Human, Of Hologram

As the human race plunged headfirst 
into a deep and permanent insanity,
I knew I had to find a new way of life.
Between the mice and mannequins 
I chose the rodents because they
were the texture of Earthly DNA,
unlike the machines that flashed
a pearly white smile and shook our hands before eventually 
biting out our brains with pernicious 
fangs and tearing us limb from limb 
until we were perfectly shaped legless, headless, armless torsos.
The lyrics of language have long since vanished,
replaced with the verbiage of robotic voice tones 
in these dead-end days. Ever since the treasonous machinations 
began their onslaught upon the unsuspecting masses, every victim of which
had already been fully prepped/strung out…tricked
by the poisonous pixels that had 
spent decades courting them in order
to earn the chance to become trusted/loved...needed.  

Big Blood Moon 
A fluorescent blood moon crooks, curls
in my western sphere. 
A crimson eve to die upon a spire of blue dawn.
Every shade of red agleam in a cornucopia 
of the myriad millennia of Multiversal magnificence.
A child yet to fathom human-made restraints 
sticks his tongue out at the holy moon, 
attempting to lick the giant ruby marble in the sky. 

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