Serious Answers of Non-serious Questions

Almost a decade ago, I was active on Y! Answers that was hosted by Yahoo as a knowledge exchange platform. Sometimes there were non-serious questions that deserved some witty answers. Here is a compilation of some of the questions and answers. All answers are mine - Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma

Question: What state do you hate the most?
Answer: State of inaction

Question: Which credit cards are the easiest to get?
Answer: Ones in your pocket.

Question: Use longevity in a sentence.
Answer: You just did.

Question: What is the easiest way to bring an atheist to God?
Answer: God being omnipresent can easily approach the atheist.

Question: Is there hell and heaven?
Answer: Nobody ever came back to testify.

Question: Can I yell when in hell?
Answer: No, there is probably no air in hell.

Question: What is your recipe for happiness?
Answer: Accept more, expect less!

Question: Why is my e-mail not sent?
Answer: Few possibilities: 1. Your email server is down 2. You did not click the "Send" button. 3. You tried to send the email through UPS - they always mess up.

Question: How can I stop worrying about money?
Answer: Repeat this mantra everyday - Lucky are those who have enough (money) to worry about.

Question: What is the craziest thing you would do for a million bucks?
Answer: Donating 500,000.

Question: Why do I always get my inner thighs warm at time of yahoo chat??
Answer: Laptop on your lap seems to be the culprit. Some laptops were recently recalled because the batteries were prone to get fire due to overheating.

Question: I got the mail in rebate cheque in the US on my name. Can I deposit this cheque in india?
Answer: Certainly you can. Make sure that the cheque amount is more than the exchange commission and the service charges of the bank. If the amount is less, you may frame the cheque and sell it on eBay.

Question: The main reason for unhappiness?
Answer: Unfulfilled expectations.

Question: How can I become the richest man in the world?
Answer: Start with becoming the richest man in your city.

Question: I want to write a good slogan on my car?
Answer: How about "daddy says no slogan"?

Question: Is arranged marriage better than love marriage?
Answer: Depends on who you want to blame later.

Question: How can you see the inner heart of your girlfriend ?
Answer: Realistic answer: You can't. Optimistic answer: By experience

Question: Give me a good and original name for a BLOG...!!!?
Answer: "The Original Blog"

Question: What's your darkest secret?
Answer: Won't remain a secret anymore if I tell you

Question: Women give everything to men except one thing: what is it?
Answer: Wo.

Question: Which are the best fish to eat - taking flavor, health and mercury contamination into consideration?
Answer: Gold-fish crackers - right out of the bag. salty, tasty and completely free from Mercury, Lead and cruelty to animals.

Question: What if I'm right and you're wrong?
Answer: I'm glad that you told me. Now I can correct myself.

Question: Is forgiveness the greatest healer?
Answer: Forgiveness can heal us from the sickness caused by the act of accusing others. Those who don't accuse, won't use forgiveness.

Question: I want to leave.
Answer: Set an alarm.

Question: Would you care about a person who doesn't care about you?
Answer: I may care and walk extra light-years. But I am far behind my times!

Question: Why do you ask?
Answer: I didn't ask. Thanks for asking.

Question: Which one comes first in this world>>>>> an egg or a hen?
Answer: Egg is a single cell living organism while the hen is an advanced one.

Question: Am I "right where I am supposed to be"?
Answer: There you are but where you are?

Question: My age is 31 and I want to save 10,000 bucks. Tell me a good plan.
Answer: On Y!Answers or on your cellphone?

Question: What is your preferable sleep position?
Answer: Horizontal, with my eyes closed.

Question: How can the Howrah bridge fail?
Answer: The bridge fails because it never passes. The trains and the steamers do pass the bridge.

Question: Why do we need teachers?
Answer: To save us from reinventing the wheel.

Question: In pursuit of a better life, why do people make their life miserable?
Answer: Because they think that the profit is directly proportional to the risk


  1. Interesting title to this section. I have a collection of poems titled 'In a Lighter Vein.' i have been writing under this heading for several years now!

  2. Wow! Thoroughly enjoyed these Qs & As, respected Anurag Sharma ji! Loved that one about Howrah Bridge!!!


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