Paramita Mukherjee Mullick
For aeons wars have been fought.
Kings have killed thousands to conquer new lands.
But the frail, old, dhoti-clad man,
Has conquered hearts around the world.
With his sermon of love and peace.
To end all cruelty and all violence cease.

For years peace treaties have been signed.
The heads of countries have met to bring harmony
But the man who led the Dandi March,
Brought harmony and tranquility around the world.
With his sermon of love and peace.
Bridged all differences and smoothened the hatred crease.

Bio: DR. PARAMITA MUKHERJEE MULLICK, a scientist and educationist for the sheer love of poetry has become a poet. She is an internationally acclaimed, award winning poet and author. She has published five books and two more are in the process of publication. The books are Stories from Fantasyland, Life- A Collection of Poems, Paradigm, The Maverick’s Journey and The Sun through my Wine Glass.  She is one of the most popular authors with her Publisher. She has received numerous awards like Sahitya Shree, Sahitya Bhushan, Sahityan Samman, Master of Creative Genius, Poetess of Elegance 2019, Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore award, Award for outstanding contribution in English Literature and Literoma Author Achiever 2020. Paramita received the Gold Rose from Argentina for promotion of literature and culture in 2019 in the World Congress of Poets. Some of her poems have been translated into 31 languages including Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Uzbek, Albanian and Indonesian. She has done poetry writing workshops in numerous schools of Mumbai with the theme, “Poetry as a medium for inculcating moral values in young minds”. She also had been the Executive Editor of an international journal called Kafla Intercontinental and the Executive Director of the International Writers’ Festival by Kafla. Paramita is the Founder President of the Mumbai Chapter of the Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library where she promotes fusion of poetry with other performing arts.

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