Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

Thoughts are in a turmoil
And mind like a raging bull,
Both ready to hit anything
That crosses their wild path!

Thoughts hit the mind,
Sometimes like streaks,
and sometimes like 
the bolts of lightning!

The buzz of the unbridled feelings
invade and envelope the heart,
Like waves hitting the shore,
To return with greater force!

The raging storm ready to unleash 
A torrent of rains and gusty winds
Sweeping away all coming their way,
Ready to hold their supreme sway.

Just then, braving the wild storm,
Swishes past a small, lonely bird,
Taking the wind on its tiny wings , 
Yet flying cautiously to join its kin.

Signalling a return of calm
After the delirious storm …
Tree branches gently dance
Leaves sway as if in a trance!

A child lets out a laugh,
A koel chirps coo-hoos,
Calm seems to descend,
As raging waves recede …

A cool breeze gently blows,
Into the being peace flows.
Nature plays out a sonata,
As birds chirp out an opera …

There’s calm after the storm
The mind is back to its norm
Feelings back to their usual
Heartbeats back to normal.

Love, Light and Peace come back to heal,
With Positivity and Hope on an even keel.


A glorious sight
the azure sky
the vast sea
and the waves
rising and falling

Eyes try hard
to take in
the expanse 
of the sea
its horizon 
meeting eternity

A yellow leaf
rises and falls
with the waves
twirling joyously

Soon a bird flies 
over the waves
and sits atop
the yellow leaf
rising and falling
with the waves

Up and down
goes the bird
perched atop
the yellow leaf
enjoying a game
of swing
on the waves 

Until a giant wave
swoops in
to swallow
the yellow leaf
and the bird atop …

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