Supatra Sen: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Supatra Sen

A desolate obscure platform
Abounding in greenery
The dusty seats expecting none
The ticket counter with rusty shutters
Winding paths overgrown with unknown weeds
Lost to dark forests… dense and evergreen
In winter wrapped in mist, 
In the rains embraced by clouds
Cradled by trance
An artist’s finest creation…

The stations before and after
Rich in sights… resonant in sounds
Throbbing with life and dreams
People’s usual destinations
But this the soothing interlude 
Connecting two grandly orchestrated 
Pieces of music….
 This perhaps never a destination
But only a brief stillness…that precious silence
Amidst the rush and turmoil
Of an enchantment called life


Once just a stretch to pace
In anxious anticipation
Of down-train announcements
Bounding homewards
A sleepy station
With a couple of vendors
Living in their own world 
Of winning lost matches 
And scoring dream goals
Few travellers, fewer buyers
Never in a hurry 

In the later years
I would steal time 
To be in this ethereal camaraderie
With excuses to miss trains
Sometimes on the over-bridge
For a grand sun-down
Or in the shade of the ‘Jarul’
Showering petals of lavender
Concealing me in its leafy architecture
From worldly gaze

Come Spring and the crimson ‘Palash’
Would be in glorious bloom
The red sprinkle carpeting
The moss-coated earth
Egrets hovering over cloud-mirrored ponds
A couple of canines in endless frolic
Picturesque dwellings dotting
The near-by landscape
Their wooden gates ajar
Celebrating arrivals
Or departures…

Many years…
Sun rain and mists
I still hallucinate 
A dreamy-eyed boy 
And an untamed warrior sister
With the aroma of soil and rivers
Peeping through the thickets
In awe of the lightning express 

And I am still waiting
At the station
For my train
My journey
My destination

The Return

Another escape…
So often now

The car winding along 
Unfamiliar twists and turns
 A late winter afternoon
Nearly the dying moments of the day
The sinking sun 
Through the leafy mesh 
Peeping through the tall palms
In the shimmering water-bodies
Across the vast sweeping landscape
Butterflies flitting
The pungent fragrance of unknown blossoms

Shadows lengthen
Darkness descends
And the voice of silence 
Mystic Nature!

I am homewards bound
That I may at last return
To the ‘echoing greens’
My peace
My motherland …

Companions All

Confinement… isolation
Deadly virus deadlier urbanism
Masks to be worn
Races to be run…
Survival of the Fittest

My ‘room on the roof’
With its old-world balcony
Splashes of greenery 
To combat the surmounting grey
A few sparrows, an occasional oriole
Darting squirrels seeking tidbits

The sun-kissed armchair
Trailing creepers
In quest of the fleeting blue
Pearl dewdrops on the serrated leaf edges
Caressing the melting sunshine
The delicate fern
Battling the crevices of dampness
And the promoter’s axe
Co-travellers all 
In this journey
To evolution
To Survival
To Enlightenment
To ultimate Freedom…


  1. Loved them all, especially Halt, so vividly expressed what we have all seen, felt, desired...


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