Srishti Sharma: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Srishti Sharma
Spirituality and Beyond!!

Mornings are a beautiful way,
To greet and meet god.
God is like that powerful rays of sunlight,
Which inspires us to shine day and night.
Mornings are a symbol to trust god again.
By singing his hymns time and again.
Indians believe in worshipping the body like it’s a temple,
By taking care of it in ample.
The peaceful river sounds.
Take us far and beyond. 
The cold winds of the winter bring,
Strong positive feelings. 
It builds in us,
A will to live,
And a will to survive. 
God inspires us-To perspire.
To do our Karma.
Spirituality lifts us up.
Brings us above what we are. 
Spirituality is meeting god.

Nature that heals

Upon the hills,
I wake up,
Staring at the,
Beautifully installed windmills.
I look and bow at the sun rising,
And it is,
I love walking barefoot on the wet grass,
And this happiness sets everything apart. 
Raindrops on the windowpane,
Takes away all the pain. 
The sunflower is so beautiful,
It encourages me to be youthful. 
 Why can’t we stop polluting nature?
By just thinking about the future. 
Nature is all that we possess. 
Why be heartless?
Let’s promise,
To keep it cleaner, greener, and safer.

Earth Day

Earth day is a special one,
As it reminds us of soil, water and sun,
The earth does not let us starve,
Till it has its spark,
Don’t let it go dry,
Otherwise, we will die.
Let’s plant more trees,
It will make the earth reap.
Let’s plant trees,
It will make a home
For you and me,
Let’s save water,
It would help the earth to be less hotter. 
Try to reuse and recycle,
For a healthier,
Environmental cycle.
This is our Earth,
That brings us mirth
Let's take its care
Before it goes ‘desecrate’.


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