Santasree Chaudhuri: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Santasree Chaudhuri is an award winning entrepreneur, women's rights activist, bilingual poet and poetry film maker. She is the International advisor to the editorial board of the ‘Culture World’ publishing. Her poems have been published in various anthologies, magazines and the literary sections of Bangladesh’ news prints. She attended Hyderabad Literary Fest as a poetry film maker and has participated in other literary platforms as an invited poet. She has spoken about spiritual connotation in literature. Her poetry Film "If They All Met At Pushkin Cafe is based on her published poem and has a prestigious screening history. She loves to write ‘Buddhist Poetry’.

Flaming silence of contemplative insight
Deep conversations in solitude
Mute scriptures of the past 
Silent meditation
Statue of Buddha
Amidst rising deity power
Insightful midnight visualization
Nothing occult
Yet, endless scroll paintings of Heruka, Mahakala, Red Tara
Reveal mysticism of Tantra 
Invisible Dakinis, Mandarava, Yeshe Tsogyal,
Consorts of Padmasambhava
Flying sky dancers in flowing white attires, curly hairs
Dancing serpents coiled within the smokeless healing aromatic burning herbs
Mysterious hallucinating smell aligns the chakras
Sleepy kundalini in perfect balance gets ready to explore the inner readiness..
Haunting quietness of enlightening unspoken verses
Noiseless frame
Zooming gathering of physically distanced awareness
Subtle energy transforms into a magical understanding
Enters the open pores of blissfully empty
Century old dark stone walls
Witness of many secretive miracles…
An assembly in absence of sound...
Psychotherapeutic presence
Delves within the non -dualistic sense
Crescent moon slowly enters collective mindfulness 
Overpowers the central nervous system
Distant monastery beyond a pristine lake
Mystically allures the thirsty spiritual seekers
Aimlessly wandering monk in search of liberation amidst nothingness
Of nihilistic freedom
Enters the courtyard of
Mandala of impermanence
Unified wholeness 
Profound silence of cosmic time cycle
Flickering flames of butter lamps
Unite with the primordial sound of golden prayer wheel 
Emitting OM
Opening gate to NIRVANA
Away from SAMSARA 

Flowing rivers
Carry endless secret stories
From ashes of life cycle
Feelings, memories, nostalgia
Assimilation, amalgamation
Of thoughts in every drop of water
"Why can't you be a storyteller?"
Question the singing birds
Answerless silence of soaked narratives
Dead human's unfulfilled dreams
Endless pages floating towards the ocean
For final publication within the treasure trove of rare gems jewels and pearls
Invisible prints in oceanic blue ink
Pragmatic release of unpublished manuscripts dancing with the tides
In vast bookstore of limitless space
Attain ultimate finality
Moksha of Thoughts

Moksha 3
Tears of Bodhisattva
Pellucid dew drops on floating lily pads
Mournful twilight departs in haste
A red dead fish 
In a plaintive pond
Awaiting dawn's early kiss

Moksha 4

Season of visible impermanence
Graceful departure of colorful fall leaves.

Moksha 5

A tiny flower
Survived a desert storm
Blossomed alone 
Died alone
Happily emitting 
Fragrance of love

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