Satbir Chadha: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Satbir Chadha is a writer who lives in Delhi, with her heart in the hills of Nainital. She thrives on friends visiting her and breaking bread with her. She is the author of FOR GOD LOVES FOOLISH PEOPLE, a memoir, for which she won the Reuel International Prize fir Literature in 2017. Her second novel BETRAYED is a medical thriller. BREEZE is her first solo collection of poems. She was awarded the Litpreneur award by AUTHORSPRESS in 2019. Her latest collection of poems is GLASS DOORS. 


The feeble groan of laboured hands
As they struggle to pour the morning tea
Into the tap-dancing porcelain mug
The whistling wheeze with every breath
Walking away from the cool breeze
Wrinkled hands rubbing aching knees
Trudging through the house, trying
To live with some dignity, robbed by
Their growingly feeble bodies
Eyes on the door, ears perked to pick
Even a frail twitch on the cellphone
Set to ring only in the highest tone
The prayers, the blessings, ringing
Through the air, towards their kids
May you never forget to listen
To the unsaid words
The unheard sounds
To the fading tune
To the twilight song
Of your dear old parents


Some call it a monster, some a darling lover
Some fear it, some await it
Some say it's like looking at your own back
No one really knows it, but we're all going to face it
The half drunk cup of tea, the last cucumber sandwiches
The lingering taste, the lingering kisses
So many different closing chapters
Some practical thoughts too, need to be shared
Who will guard my house when I go away
Who will wash my sins when I go away
Who will wear my gold when I go away
Who will tear my skin when I go away
Who will pour the blood into the fire
How much flesh will I be left with
I've seen men and women
Shrivelled to the bone
Who will lift those bones
Not you please, my dear, they'll hurt your soft hands

I see every night, a cloud of buzzing moths
Hitting at the light, their lives' last fight
By morning the ants have devoured
Their beautiful little torsos
Only the shining brittle wings
Lie scattered on the ground



Peace is not a flag
Hoisted at the horizon
That we walk and walk towards it
But never reach
Peace is not a mirage
A fake image
To disappear as we approach it
Peace is everywhere
Peace is in every heart and soul
Like fire in the wood
Like the current in the water
Like the lightning in the clouds
Like fragrance in thorny roses
Like a lotus blooming in murk
Like life lives in death
Peace is in every conflict
In every war
In every battle
Peace is in every fighter
Who wants to die for peace
Who wants to live in peace

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