Poetry: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Anoucheka Gangabissoon
Our Own Uniqueness

Write a haiku in free verse
If you so wish
Or, write a sonnet
With a new scheme of rhyme,
Whispered the soul of Earth
To my bleeding heart
As I sat in solitude on a high cliff
Watching raging waves crash upon
A deserted shore!
Write of anything you wish,
Even if it be called
Contemporary poetry
Or modern freestyle,
As you are made of uniqueness
And will simply not adjust to
Being a structured poem,
Set in metre and rhyme,
Or an automated robot
Going about with rules and regulations
Just because
The rest of humankind does so!
The flower that breathes in you
Is of unknown essence to the world
Water it,
Instead of uprooting it
To plant another’s!


Is it important,
That which you cling on to
Even if it holds no consideration
For your tears, for how you have spent
Your day and for how it is breaking 
Your heart into a million pieces?
Is it important,
Just because you like it,
Or you are attracted to it,
Or, because you care for it
And feel a strong affiliation for it?
Pray, mystical essence inhabiting
A human body,
You are stronger than that,
You are a flower standing alone
Upon a high cliff, facing a cyclonic night,
You are meekness standing up
To a cluster of evil,
You are warmth
Able to melt the solid ice caps
At Earth’s poles
And sometimes,
Your bravery gets painted upon
Your whole being
Just because
You are able to let go!


The children of Earth
Are free
To do as they will
The end word shall be,
Death and its mystery!
The children of Earth
Are free
To enjoy of whatever, they want
As long as they remain upon
A path of good choices,
Actions and words!
Should they wish to seek unicorns
Instead of being caged in classrooms
Or should they try to build a ladder
Long enough to reach the moon,
Why, their way is not to be hampered,
They are to be encouraged,
Since life has always been ruled
By its end,
And nothing shall ever change
About that for a long time
To come!
Being a child of Earth,
I let not the thorns of society
Cling on to my open wings,
I shrug them off
And soar, high over mountains 
And valleys, enjoying the feel
Of the winds in my face
And the thrill of the moment!

Bio: Anoucheka Gangabissoon is a Primary School Educator in Mauritius.  She writes poetry and short stories as hobby.  She considers writing to be the meaning of her life as she has always been influenced by all the great writers and wishes to be, like them, immortalized in her words.  Her works can be read on poetrysoup.com and she had also appeared in various literary magazines like SETU, Different Truths, Dissident Voice, In Between Hangovers Press, WISH Press, Tuck’s Magazine, Blue Mountain Review, among others.  She has also been published in Duane’s Poetree and also in two anthologies for the Immagine and Poesia group.  Her poems are often placed in free online contests.  She has been selected to be among the Most Influential Women in Mauritius for the 2017 category Arts and Culture and she has also been awarded as a Promising Indian for the year 2017 for the same category.  In 2018 and 2019, she was again selected to be among the Most Influential Women of the island for her contribution to the literary field and in 2019, she was one of the three nominees for the National Awards organized by the Ministry of Arts and Culture of Mauritius.  In 2020, she was shortlisted to be among the Most Impactful Women of the year for the Women of the Year awards.

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