First of Many - by Timothy Law (Flash Fiction 2021)

 Timothy Law is a writer of fantasy, horror, detective fiction, general fiction and everything else that pops into his head. He heralds from a little town in Southern Australia called Murray Bridge. A happily married father of three, family is very important to him. Currently working at the Murray Bridge Library in the role of Library Manager he has dreamed since his early high school years of becoming a full-time author. Working for a library, surrounded by so many wonderful stories it is difficult not to be inspired to write. All he now needs is what every author wishes for, time, a little peace and quiet and of course a willing and understanding publisher. While seeking what seems to be the impossible he somehow finds time for scotch and board games with his brother-in-law, family movie nights and weekends away with his wonderful wife.

First of Many

by Timothy Law

The air was thick with anticipation. The Town Hall was packed with people all holding their breath, waiting as one for the band to begin.
Front Man Daniel strode up to the mic with a cockiness that only he could pull off.
“Make some noise for birthday girl, Stephanie! Eighteen today!”
The class of 2003 gathered in the mosh pit screamed back in reply. Around the edges Aunties, Uncles and other family all clapped and cheered politely, a far more civilized response which was drowned out by the teen army. Stephanie in the middle of the front row, squeezed between her best friends, stared up at Daniel with dreamy eyes. Daniel locked eyes with her and blew a kiss.
“This one’s for you babe!” he cried before counting in the base.
The mosh pit began moving to the thrum, letting the music wash over them. Almost all the boys’ eyes were on the girl of the moment. Sam the drummer had his fixed further back. In fact Sam was so fixated on Stephanie’s older sister Louisa that he almost missed his cue.
Sam’s drums thundered, joining the base player. Daniel then kicked in with the first lyrics of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. A crowd pleaser it was only natural the band then followed up with another by that band.
“The hardest button to button!!” screamed Daniel with the whole Town Hall singing along.
When the band got a break Sam noticed Louisa had migrated to the punch bowl.
“Care for a drink?” he asked, scooping up two cups and offering one to the older girl.
“Thanks,” Louisa mouthed before pointing to the doors. “Join me outside?”
The sound system was blaring out Crazy in Love and Stephanie and her friends were having a great time. Happily Sam joined Louisa outside where it was a little quieter.
“A great party, don’t you think?” asked Sam, looking up at the moon.
“Steph’s having a ball,” Louisa agreed. “I’d rather be here with you though.”
“Thought you’d prefer guitarists?” laughed Sam.
Louisa kissed him then, a light brush of her sweet lips first. As the kiss deepened Sam dropped his glass.
“Does that answer your question?” Louisa asked.
“Wow…” was all Sam could reply.
Ten years later Sam considered just how lucky he was. He and Louisa were six years married with a son, Cooper who was three and a daughter, Sophie, who was almost two. A smile crossed his lips as he recalled that first kiss. As he hung his robe and then stepped into the shower he suddenly felt the presence of Louisa behind him.
“Care for some company?” his wife asked. “Your mum just picked up the kids… I’m all yours till we have Steph’s party this arvo.”
Sam pulled the love of his life in after him and shared another magical smooch. “Happy anniversary, honey,” Sam murmured.
It was going to be a perfect morning as Sam and Louisa shared kiss after kiss identical to their first.


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