Guest Editor’s Note: Flash Fiction


It is such an honor to be asked to be the Guest Editor for the April 2021 Flash Fiction Section of Setu. The submissions and quality of work were breathtaking. I adore that each writer in the following Flash Fiction Section shares an intricate and compelling story all within 500 words. They made harsh cuts when necessary and knew what words were needed to intrigue the reader and leave them wanting more. From memories of childhood to chance encounters. Missed opportunities and the exploration of pain and relationships. Creepy tales and tragedy. I invite you to dive in and explore the best of the best Flash Fiction stories presented to you by Setu. 

Thank you to each contributing writer for trusting me with your work. 

Kelli J Gavin

Setu Guest Editor, April 2021 Flash Fiction Section

Flash Fiction:
Featured Authors

1. The Waiting Room- by David Bowmore
2. Partners- by John M. Floyd
3.Yadama- by Dawn DeBraal
4. Abandoned- by Steve Carr
5.The Janitor- by Candace Meredith
6. No More Killing- by Jim Bates
7. Swimming To Shore After Failing To Drown Myself- by Keith Hoerner
8. I’m the Editor That Passed On Harry Potter- by Mark Konik
9. The Topography of Pain- by Amrita Valan
10. Silk- by Mehreen Ahmed
11. First of Many- by Timothy Law
12. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around- by Lynne Phillips
13. Blessings Received? - by Sultana Raza
14. It Ended This Way- by Obinna Chilekezi
15. Jaw Breaker- by Ken Goldman
16. The Answer- by Beate Sigriddaughter
17. Safe- by C.H. Williams

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