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The Origin

I am the past of your growth,
I am the origin of your oath,
I am the Art & soul of truth.

We have a uniqueness to produce,
From Agriculture to music that soothes,
The dialect, the culture, the festival, the dance which enhance the youth,
It’s sacred to our group,
You all called us ‘Adivasis’ troops.

We are rare now,
Somehow tackle our livelihood through plough,
We collect food from forest grow,
Sell honey, ornament made by stone show,
To gather money for tomorrow.

Long back people tried to exploit us,
We raised our voice to discuss,
The Constitution recognized us,
Under schedule 5 of the Indian Constitution locus,
It was a gracious moment for all unfamous. 

With the growth and increase in technology,
We have created a Indian Handicraft Industry,
The Indigenous colour of us visually,
The true chapters of Indian society and its lifestyle,
Go deep into it and love the origin of real smiles.

The Army

Dear Cadets,
Carry your artillery,
Forget your injury,
Let’s make history,
To celebrate the victory.

We are military,
Catch the enemy in radar,
Show them your avatar,
Attack the hack,
Bring them in track,
Combatant- it’s the time for call back,
The force need to attack,
For its defence,
Squad are the Ultra Defence,
Let’s salute them for their presence,
And celebrate happiness. 

Author's Bio: Ankita Gupta is from Maharashtra, India. Currently, she is a 3rd-year law student at P.E.S. Modern Law College, affiliated with Savitribai Phule Pune University. She is the author of the book “The Trick of 511”, a World Record Holder, a State-level chess player, and Literacy Captain at StoryMirror. She has been the Torchbearer during sports day at Mumbai University ground [from her Junior College- Sophia College for Women].

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  1. Never got to read a poem that sounds so cool, your work is beautiful yet I cannot think of any other word ,but just 'cool'
    Hope to read more of your works in future😊


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