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Lessons of Existence

When a small organism wrapped in a protein coat
Invaded the living cells and took the lead
When we had tough times with our throat
Doctors who acted as god whom we need
True value of life was known.

When a sudden outbreak shattered all
The lockdown in which fear and grief spread
When the countries saw a huge economic fall
Families sad and mourning over the infected or dead
Nature’s test for us was known.

When a droplet made you isolated for days
Left you in shock if you are a confirmed case
When the headlines made you frustrated in many ways
Had to put up N95 respirator on your face
Fighting your own way was known.

When a six feet distance was to be made
To celebrate future ceremonies with relatives and friends
When a new set of instructions for all were laid
To survive these years meeting both the ends
Learning how to live was known.

When this is being repeated again and again 
What do you think should we do?
Give up all hopes or bear the pain
It is all about what is your view
Importance of vaccine should be known.

Boost up your confidence you have a long way ahead
Ahead in your life to chase your dreams
Remove all negative thoughts from your head
‘Nothing is too easy’ is what it seems
True value of life is now known.

My Mind

My true words concerning me?
‘Myself’ is just what I would like to be
Mind your own p’s and q’s
With me? don’t plan to fuse
So what if I speak up my mind ?
Stop badging!! won’t even hear out
Then you may be having doubt
Did I even think your line?
I guess no! although I am fine
So what if I speak up my mind?

With me? Are you even that close
To extensively spread out your toes 
In my matters where I need advice
Would ask dear ones twice or thrice
So what if I speak up my mind? 

No need for your suggestions
Would only higher up my aggression
Towards you, whom I don’t know
Whether or not you’re taking me 
as pal or foe
So what if I speak up my mind?
Author's Bio: Arnika Mishra is currently a first year undergraduate of University of Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Drawn to literature and writing, she loves to write poems or blogs on the topics that strike her robust imagination.


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