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Wonders of green

Rafflesia can give you a bigger presence 
But it can't give you a sweet smell!
Wolffia the smallest gymnosperm named 
Though Eucalyptus can give you the height
But shorea is used in wooden frames!
Banyan is very large, but
Teak has the most tensile strength.
Rauwolfia ; the source of good drug
Coca leaves can give you a fake smug !
Someone like Baobab; which stores water
Insects must know pitcher plants better!
California has General Sherman; it must be the highest.
Methuselah standing there; must be the oldest !
What about Old Tjikko? 10000 years old
Facing all the climatic hurdles,
It must be ancient gold !
We must care about them, without wasting time
Destroying a tree is also an unforgivable crime!
Give it time; let it enlarge the girth;
Let's protect these wonders and save the earth !

The Legacy 

I was born fair; with brownish hair
They wished to touch me, but didn't dare.
It was my father standing there.
I didn't go to play, that was his order.
My colour will fade away, the main thing to bother.
Friends used to call me; I am the unique
I must be from the city Munich.
My colour was protected, though time passed away.
Time came at last for; him to pass away.
Workload was like, I need a clone.
He was like a banyan tree, I was too alone.
Sun used to roast me, with photon currency
I was too alone to protect the legacy.
Rarely anyone notice me; calling " The Englishmen"
I then realised the legacy had gone in vain
I killed my shine what to do now
Nothing is constant dear; someone said.
I just wonder, wow!

Author's Bio:  Dipanjan Mandal is a B.A English honours ( 2nd semester ) student of Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College, Kolkata. He is drawn to literature and is especially fond of poetry.


  1. These are amazing❤ and the second poem of the lot is impressive❤ Wish to read more like this😌

  2. So nice of you ! Thank you for your valuable comment!❤️ This will encourage me to write more and more.


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