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I built a wall with sand

I built a wall with sand,
hid our love with impalpable curtain,
and carved your name with hand.
For these times are so uncertain
and love for once must go
to dust, leaving no sign behind.
Thousand mournings this morning and tomorrow;
but inamorato inamorata remain inextricably intertwined.
Beloved, speaketh not you love me
people love so long love last,
so long youth, beauty and money.
Is our clandestine love actually dwindling?
Our implacable love dwells in lust –
“Can love exist without lust lingering?”

Magic Moments

Take a sip of Magic Moments,
hold my hands each and every seconds,
step into the land of fairies
give me pansies and some berries.

See the golden deer run wild;
the weather’s pleasant, good and mild
a sip of raw Magic Moments
led us to the world of angels.

No paparazzi, no one to judge us;
step into the daylight, do a jazz,
Ball dance, Ballet and my white dress –
do not worry; it’s a state of grace.

We know no one, no one knows us;
a ubiquitous silence, no caste, no class,
no war, so far no means of treachery
this daydream’s dangerous but I know it’s worthy.

Take a sip of Magic Moments
fill your life with magical moments.
Author's Bio: Debanjana Majumdar is a first year student of Loreto College, Kolkata. She is currently pursuing B.A. in English Honours. She started writing poems at an early age in her native language – Bengali. English country songs and Opera are her main interests besides literature. Other than poems, she also writes songs. She is currently working on a drama. Debanjana lives in Durgapur, India. 


  1. Take a sip of magic moemnts is a very beautiful line!

  2. Eonderful poem ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Wonderful poem❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Very well written...keep up the practice of writing regularly,howsoever little it may have a great heritage of drama,poetry and culture,keep up dear...all the blessings....I am Suvendu Bannerjee's have used alliteration and assonance try write poems in traditional verse patterns by fixing syllables in each line and maintaining a pattern...that is a great exercise to develop your poem writing skills...blessings...

    1. Thank you so much for your advice 😃😃 I will try to write better poems and practise writing regularly.


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