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The Lost Village

Intone the song sang years ago -
Bless back the beauty lost years ago -
Years ago, I fell into slumber, 
Years ago, with each dying number. 
Ow! I, a lone, remote, abandoned village 
Wrapped up in severe sickening damage
Strange now appear these twisted winding lane
Alone here I am pulling through -
This needle -sharp pain. 
No warm gatherings, no more play, 
With large trunks people walked away, 
Some alone, other with families
Aiming towards their destined cities. 
Soon, the green turned barren, 
Musical chirping saddened, 
The weed land broadened, 
The cattles were orphaned. 
Barren begged for golden – harvest
Traditional muse came to rest. 
Bring back my monsoon rain, 
Bring back my season chain. 
The world is dying, you in the queue, 
Cities fascinate no more, that’s now true, 
Running for life, there I see you -
Safest in the nest, from where you flew-
You need me again, you need my embrace, 
I am your village and here’s your place. 
I see the trunks coming back , 
I hear the musical chirping back, 
Feel safe, my lap welcomes you -
Feel safe, for I embrace you -
Your roots are here, wherever you go, 
Your soul is here, wherever you go. 

Intone the song you sang years ago -
Bless back the beauty lost years ago –

Off  Happiness (2020)

Frozen eyes, dejected hearts 
Ceased walks, startled arches
Once liberated, restrained again
No bully master ,still refrained. 
Neither H-bomb nor a weapon, 
Alas! Still hard to confess... 
What obstinate acts, stripped
2020 off happiness? 

One step out, it grapples your breath
Two steps out,
 your darlings are trapped
Few more steps and 
your area is nabbed. 
Corona rules out, 
you behind the  doors
Dull roofs, stodgy floors. 
Alas! Yet hard to guess. .. 
What hidden obscure mess... 
Stripped 2020 ,off happiness? 

Casting penumbra like witch's tress
Assembly made curse, isolation a bless. 
The aches here, 
Refuse to pause
Misery, torment smeared claws. 
Amphan painted Elegiac Black Sky
Locusts gave the funeral cry. 
Half-year elapsed, 
Half yet to pass
Absurd appear days, life mere farce. 
Alas! Still hard to confess... 
What obstinate acts, stripped
2020 off happiness? 

Author's Bio:  Kiran Joshi is a post graduate student of Post Graduate Government College for Girls, sector -11 , Chandigarh. Verses have never failed to touch the inner chords of her heart. The rhythm of words when mingled with the rhythm of nature emancipates her soul. 


  1. This poem depicts so many emotions and lines are so heart felt ....keep it up always 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😋

  2. Can I have a autograph of my favorite poetesss 🥰🥰🥰

  3. This is amazing. Well structured verses. Wish you great success.

  4. 👌👌👌👌these poems are soo amazingg🤩🤩wonderderful👍

  5. Mesmerising poems along with beautiful messages👌🙌....

  6. These poems are very well written!!!!

  7. Beautifully scripted😍👌


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