Komal Gupta: Figures of Thought: Collegiate Voices across Spaces

High in the Sky

A girl
Strong, sharp and standing on her feet
Who has the power and right 
To fly in the sky,
Was caged,
Her wings were cut down by
The cemented walls 
In dark deep nights 
Always tortured and molested.
Who tied her?
Her soulmate, who never met her soul. 

After thinking so many nights
The bird opened her eyes,
Full of self-respect and dreams to fly
And uncaged herself by breaking her silence,

She chooses to be like a crow
Whom no one cages
Because it brings sorrow.
The harsh, vibrant voice can speak 
More fiercely which is needed to grow.

And now becoming her
Own golden charm
She opens her arm 
To soar higher and higher,
Realizing for the first time
That her dreams are on the sky.

Behind Words

One day more,
She knocked my core,
And suddenly she stopped 
With the silence
Under someone's violence. 
It seemed that 
Her mouth was coerced
Someone forbade her to speak of her feelings.
She was broken everyday
Not physically but mentally
Sometime for numbers 
Sometime for things 
to the level 
That her bangles and anklets and 
all her ornaments 
Started talking and jingling
because they were the only evidences of this violence. 
No one could hear her,
No one saw her.
Where did she go?
To give answers to the wordmen or did they chew her soul?
It's only her black dark shadow 
that never left her alone,
even in the dark night
It found ways to be with her.
Suddenly a cruel bird came saying-
The wordmen surely burnt her or 
murdered her behind the closed door.
And again her ornaments jingled loudly.
The wordmen’s words were enough to kill her.
The unloved woman's soul still wants to know her faults
She comes to see her face in the mirror each day but she can't 
Nor can we touch her – a ghost present and absent.
Author's Bio:  Komal Gupta is pursuing U.G. from Gurunanak college,  Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Poetry, for her, is the deepest means of self-expression.


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