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A Trapped Soul

Ever Feel Like Trapped In Your Own World?
Is There A Different Soul Living Inside You?
Can You Hear Her Cry?
I Say, Hear Her Out.
She Must Be Screaming Her Heart Out
She Must Be So Terrified
Take Your Time.
It’s Okay To Be Selfish
For Once, For Yourself
Go For The Search
That Someone Is YOU
Save Her.

My mother

How funny it sounds, when I say
I saw my mother yesterday.
We have been living together 
For 21 years, now.

I saw my mother yesterday
The first day I saw her wrinkles
She is growing old now
That looks of her scares me.

I saw my mother yesterday 
The ray of the light from the next room
Shines on her face, its glowing
Yet it scares me

I saw my mother yesterday 
Like a cute sloth, 
She arranges her bible 
Placing orderly inside her small bag

Her life is a combo of dramatic events
Spent her childhood miles away from home
In thirst of knowledge
And promise to never return.

Yet irony serves its way
She returns, only to find herself
Celebrating her stay here for 23 years
And more years to celebrate

I saw my mother yesterday 
This is the moment I want to treasure
It scares me yet I want to let it go
The time given to you are once. Enjoy.

Author's Bio:  Nicho Rongchehonpi is pursuing her MA in English from Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia. As a student of literature, she has always believed that one’s thoughts and imagination have no boundaries and this field of study is a perfect place for a person to rest mentally and stay true to oneself. She finds it beautiful that words connect people together and looks upon the experiences that she has received from life as her real achievement.

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