Acrylic on Paper: चित्रकला

Artist: Shivi Sharma कलाकार: शिवि शर्मा

You're the dawn, you're the dark, you're a mystery nursing your wrath to keep us warm, you're a full circle, you've power to create, nurture and transform.
Your frost kiss is unfathomable, you're not just beautiful, you're breathtaking.

She is often in a daze, has a pure soul. She belongs to the moon, she is a moonchild. 
As tender as apple blossom with long hair and dreamy eyes.
Singing sweet old songs, she smells of roses and Vanilla, meet her at the seaside, she's a moonchild, she's a moonchild.

Her face isn't enough to define her beauty, it's her luminous heart which is beautiful.

The rebel wrapped in 6 yards long fabric. Saree is her grace, Jewellery is her confidence and eyes divulge her inner strength, behold the begum-e-hindustan! The pious Goddess.

Lord of the lords, Shiv हर हर महादेव

She was no less than a magician. It was her magic to still see the sun shining bright even on the darkest days.

Acrylic colors on paper

Shivi Sharma शिवि शर्मा


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