Poetry: Mirza Sibtain Beg

Mirza Sibtain Beg

Woman is fragrant flower of the garden of life,
Builds honeycomb deriding the stiffness of strife,
Feeds with nectar lineage with magnanimity rife,
Acrobatically acts as mother, sister, daughter and wife.
Woman is rose, smiles unwary of thorns’ turbulence,
Spring swaggers, autumn leaps seeing me askance,
Snow-capped mountains pride with my elite exuberance,
At her sight frost of flowers sparkle and sunrays prance.
She is nature’ trove, not a strawberry,
Her soft shoulders generations carry,
Injustice, spite can’t turn volition weary,
Can ooze oasis with will in desert dreary.
May male-chauvinism let her have astral flight,
To bloom to her full potential with equal right,
Respect and care will enable her to radiate light,
We will bequeath golden glistering world bright.

Virtues of Woman

I am a woman,
Born with His benediction,
To give the world benison,
For its primly pollination,
For flailing flowery fixation.
I am a woman,
Armed with love, strength, and wisdom,
Clad in cloak of endurance’ dulcet diadem,
Pertinacity, patience, poise are in my thraldom,
Audacity, adaptability, affability set notes of rhythm.
I am a woman,
More precious than pelf, more gracious than pearls,
Inexhaustible river of love and compassion that revels,
Excelled in all fields, kissed sky with high zest levels, 
Bears subservience, segregation silently and hardly rebels.
I am a woman,
To the desolate world, a blessing in disguise,
With prudent prance turned the planet cerise,
Proved an oasis in every desert with traits wise,
Like verdant tree sheltering all I ever prioritise.
I am a woman,
Like mountains faced storms with resolve strong,
Nurtured, and nestled generations in pain for long,
Never deviated from right path with means wrong,
Heralded trumpet of peace singing propriety’s song. 

I Am Born a Woman

I am born a woman:
To cultivate earth’s garden,
To spawn flowery generation,
With fountain’s feisty passion,
To serve as a selfless warden.
I am born a woman,
In regal robes of heaven,
Gifted with stars seven:
Love, resilience, courage, compassion,
Forbearance, passion and patience’s cannon.
I am born a woman:
To scent males’ bastion,
With fire in eyes’ ocean,
To glorify God’s reflection,
As a vivid nature’s validation.
I am born a woman:
Slush snow of mountain,
Benevolence’ blistering fountain,
Calm, composure always I maintain,
Bear subservience for relations to sustain.
I am born a woman:
With goals driven,
Braving segregation,
Never have any deviation,
From assaying all roles with elan. 
I am born a woman,
Turn planet inhabitable station,
Measured earth, sky and ocean,
Not weary of predators, vultures and raven,
My silvery sojourn will make wind halcyon.
I am born a woman,
To glow like beacon,
Don’t want to be a fashion icon,
Treat me with esteem and affection,
My tears can tremble the sky even.

Smell of Woman

Woman is a fragrant flower of earth’s garden,
Descending from Venus radiates light of Eden, 
Blossoms bloom to scent with smell of woman,
Sunrays touch with pride, spring rapture stricken.
Rehabilitates planet congenial with august presence,
Blesses life with intrinsic glow and extrinsic fragrance,
God carved comely, caring gilded with glitz of resilience,
Resolute to grasp falling star with blistering buoyance. 
Thy pulchritude turns parched heart fragrant zone,
Tulips, roses, lilies, lilacs spell with aroma known,
Through charm’s prism refracts rainbow’s cologne, 
Races respected you witnessed prosperity’s sun shone. 
 Love, affection, and compassion doles out to world,
Her selfless service from dusk to dawn glitters like gold,
Copes every twist, turn and tryst with resolution bold,
Bears pains smilingly as God gave her diamond mould.

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