Three Poems by R P Singh

R. P. Singh
Yet none to hear

A precious word in sun and rain 
for years, stoic to pain…
Yes, it harks 
to the fathoms of virtues empanelled 
and for the system stale.
Some feelings squirm 
Yet none to hear .
Unseen calls and moves 
unknown feelings yet to come 
but the word now grows 
just mushrooms , 
nothing else.

A shining morning after hailstorm

And the buzzer is on 
a shining morning after hailstorm .
Life changes its familiar course 
meanings yet there to decode. 
Frequent puzzles 
and emotions encased,
 thoughts in inflammation 
still on …
Surface sees the wounds not known,
communication yet to start .
Let thought take its course 
Its flashes clear over there,
unheard across the shore. 

No words to plead

Inflammation on feelings 
no words to plead ,
sordid customs still on 
yet the feelings absent .

Desires urged the long night through ,
the sighs as dew surround ,
bud yet stoic ,
 morning sullen a moist 
and the lights abstain to go .
I am not me , not I myself ,
Says the carrier in lowly mood ,
No words come, 
a long mood…
No words came 
a long wait 
and the feelings in 
The sender doomed .
Diary again turns the page .


  1. It's always refreshing reading your poems and these 3 poems are also not exception to this. I liked the last one the most.

  2. No words.. Everytime I read your poems and feel amazing.. I find no words..not a single suitable word to describe how it feels to read you! Thought provoking!

  3. This is great poetry. Packed with inferences. 👍

  4. This is great poetry. Packed with inferences. 👍


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