Poetry: Sushma Malhotra

Sushma Malhotra

Who says time flies?
Today, forty years ago the clock stopped 
for you, the day you left us all.
It seems this happened only yesterday,
not a span or stretch of a long time.
Now as I reflect and think of you,
I perceive your hands with blessings on me.
Your protection and shielding kept me going,
even now when I don't see and notice you around.
The last train ride I took with you,
your heart to heart conversation echoes in my ears.
Life moved on and we all progressed too,
feeling your presence and existence around.
Few things happened as you wanted,
others made their own way and a course.
Writing was always your love and passion,
now I will follow to pen down, as to send it to you.
You may or may not read my written words,
I know you hear me, as my heart beats for you. 

Indelible Year

Finally, the last day of this year is here,
Imprinting many signs of its atrocities; 
What is there, henceforth to make it endear;
When the masses focused only on reciprocities.

One small virus, traveled from an unknown place,
Compelled residents to vacate for a new habitat;
Forced even the toddlers, wear masks on their face;
From day to evening, masses defied combat.

Festivals and rituals came, but families stayed afar, 
Worried for each other, expressing their concern;
Meditating and praying, for an enlightened avatar;
Whereas intellectuals are helpless to conclude and discern.

So subside it, degenerate it, and let it be quiescence.
The radiant sun rays scatter and disperse fluorescence.

Orchids and My love

Your love and beauty with solemnity
Grace and elegance talk of the town,
Attempted to find a flower for comparison
The orchid came into my mind as a crown.

Walking in an orchard during the summer
Crimson color and reflected shades secured,
Distinguished from all others in the garden
 Bright glistening pink radiance procured.

Spreading aura of beauty and fragrance
Exhibiting strength in front of nature,
Exemplary unusual charm in each part
Leaves bask in sunlight with tender texture.

Your grace and aura always mesmerize me 
As white, purple and yellow orchids swing,
Resupinate flowers with their heads up
Bring good luck when orchids bloom in spring. 

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