Finding Ithaca -- Lalon’s Song by Mitali Chakravarty

Mitali Chakravarty
Ganga, Padma, Meghna, 
Brahmputra, Dibang, Tsangpo 
— each river has a distinct name.
Yet out of the womb of the Earth 

they flow, merely water banked 
by land. Water and land make 
plants grow. Humans flow in 
streams through meadows. 

Boundaries hurt, tear asunder 
land born to be free. Would 
speech have evolved if 
there were no water, no land — 

only lava and gas? If there was no 
moon, what then? If there were
no stars, no sun? What then? 
Would life have reared its head? 

Would languages have evolved? 
And these lines that explode lives — 
would they have been drawn?
We can now detonate hills, seas 

and land. Kill our enemies. But would 
we have had an enemy if there were no 
land and no water? Would we still have 
War and Peace? Would love still

flow from the heart of the Little
Prince? And yet, we weep as the 
ice melts and wait, wait to act?
How long till Odysseus returns home? 

Bio: Mitali Chakravarty writes for love and harmony and in that spirit founded the Borderless Journal.

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