An ambassador and a poet: Abhay K: Organising the Literary Events in Madagascar

Recently the Embassy of India, Antananarivo, this month, revived a literary meet on its premises by inviting select authors/poets.An initiative of Abhay K, the ambassador who is also a top poet, among many other avatars.
It was a celebration of creativity in its full form.

Here, the brief release from the concerned embassy:
The Embassy of India, Antananarivo’s Monthly Literary Program, known as La Lit Tanà resumed after a long hiatus. The program initiated by Abhay Kumar, Ambassador of India in Madagascar in 2019 provides a literary platform to the talented Malagasy writers and poets to showcase and perform their literary works. The 12th Edition of La Lit Tanà was held on Friday, November 26, 2021, at the premises of the Embassy of India in Tsaralalàna.

Seven Malagasy poets and writers took part in the event including J. Nalisoa Ravalitera, a poet and the founding member of the Circle of Poets Faribolana Sandratra, Research Professor at the University of Antananarivo and Vice-President of the Malagasy Academy.

The event included participation of the poet Na Hassi, who shared an extract from her collection Zana-bolana (Lunar Woman). Essence of her poetry was that in a society where women are blamed for everything, she finds her own destiny and frees herself from that imposed by others. Without memory, she observes herself in front of the Moon, her mirror. With the thread of her story, she struggles  herself against her sufferings and heals herself in silence. The wounds open. Then close.

Poet Hobiana read his poem titled “Madam" which made the audience laugh, "Embona Alina" the melancholy of a twilight, "Anjely Moana" a poem that explores another world difficult to explain. A silent, soft-spoken angel is called to sing a poet's song aloud, so that the deaf can hear the poet's poetic beauty.

Anne Muriel, an outstanding slammer and poet expressed her love for Madagascar during the event. She brought a message of hope, of love, from a poet who believes in the rise of Madagascar.
Riambola Mitia, a well-known poet in the world of Malagasy poetry, made his audience dream with his poems. His poems speak of beauty in poetry, of positive attitude,  of song of hope, of inner peace, but above all the importance of preserving the environment.

Poet Ny Vetso shared her personal life with the audience. Her poem "Sombinaiko" was about her experiences as a mother of her first child when he was still in her womb, her poem "Ny Tsiambarateloko", said - no matter what is in my life, good or bad, I always smile, " Iny zanako any iny", her prayer for her child.

Ny Eja Storyteller and poet made the audience ecstatic with her poems “Mamela ahy” or Forgive me for loving you, “Masiaka ianao ry fiarahamonina” or Society you are so cruel, and “Zanako” To my children which talks about love for her children: it is for you that I am fighting, you are my pride.

The Auditorium was packed with an audience composed mainly of young university students and Poetry lovers as well as poets.

Ambassador Abhay Kumar read from his latest poetry collection The Magic of Madagascar that celebrates the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar through haiku.

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