Revisit: What's New, What's Old? (Pankajam Kottarath)

K Pankajam

The Fuel of Hope

When the year goes into the fold of past
It’s time to discard things driving you mad 
To make the new year, a real good start. 
Expect nothing less than total fulfilment
Complete contentment, health and happiness 
No compromise on any premise whatsoever.

Things might have let you down in the past
They shouldn’t hold you back from making fresh efforts
They are glib, ephemeral or fragile unless you trust otherwise
And will ebb away like returning waves before your grit 
Victory is for those who doesn’t accept failures
You don’t really fail until you accept failure.

All beginnings are opportunities to evade old mistakes
And start on things afresh without the scars of yesterdays
Without the shadowed perceptions from past experiences
As on a clean slate sans insane or unfounded worries.

The darker days are over, sunlight is about to invade
A new dawn waits with promises great
Let not old worries echo in your heart
Forget the past pains, embrace the present
It’s time to reinvent yourself and believe;
You deserve much more happiness and peace.

Let not your voice lose in the sea of fallacies 
Instead start on things that please the you in you
Dive deep into your soul’s green valleys 
To see the shimmering starry view of the rising sun
Electrify your affable winning spirits and kindle your courage
Latent under passive thoughts, hold nothing back.
Hopes are the fuel that keeps us going  
Let it burn with positivity and persistence 
Ignite the lamp of your wisdom, let it revel bright
And make your days brighter and better.
Bio: Pankajam Kottarath is a bilingual poet and novelist and an author or more than 30 books. Her poems, book reviews, short stories and articles have been published in many national/international journals and anthologies. One of her poetry collections has been translated into French. Three books on literary criticism discuss her works in detail. A book of critical essays and research papers on her poem titled “Poetic Oeuvre of K Pankajam” has also been published. She is the recipient of many awards.

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