Homage: Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi

Today, on 30 January , let me reproduce a few stanzas from my book: Ballad of Bapu, about Gandhiji's last day on earth. 

Gandhiji was a moral icon who stood for non violence and peace. These principles need to be resurrected, to set this fractured world right. 

Below are some passages of his last days from Ballad of Bapu (Vitasta Publishers).

---Santosh Bakaya

With the sorry state of things displeased
Lines of impatience on his forehead creased
It was not a figment of the imagination
But in the absorbing conversation
He had forgotten the prayer time, ire increased.

 Unpunctuality he could never brook.
 His rosary, spittoon, spectacles and note book
With a spurt of vigor
Manu picked up this wealth meager
And to   the ground a shortcut they took.

 Followed by two Congress leaders from Kathiawar
Who wanted a few minutes with this star.
In a mood worried
To the ground he hurried
And smilingly folded his hands in a Namaskar.

Fuming at the unprecedented delay
For which his walking sticks he tried to flay
Lovingly he talked
Briskly he walked
Unaware that he walked to his death that   day.

Lifting his hands and joining them in a salutation
He apologized for the delay, in consternation.
Unseen by him a man edged forward
Was he a mad man or a coward?
He whipped out a pistol, with no compunction.

Three shots he fired in quick succession

founded was the prayer congregation
In horror they gaped
This time Gandhi had not escaped
There were roars of grief and lingering confusion.

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