Essentials of Living: R.L. Boyer (Poem)

R. L. Boyer
–for Ryōkan

at this (strange) time
bodhisattvas disguised as
healthcare workers, grocery
clerks, migrant workers in the
fields, delivery workers— 
all labor, risk their lives to save 
ours, protecting lives, keeping 

food supply chains open, 
getting sick, dying.
at home, alone in my tiny
post-modern hut, locked down in 
forced isolation, social
distancing—burn incense, make 
offerings of gratitude, prayer. 

R L. Boyer is an award-winning poet, fiction author, and screenwriter. His poems have been featured in Depth Insights, Mythic Circle, Poetry Zone, ReVision, deLuge, SETU, and other publications. Boyer is a two-time award recipient of the Jefferson Scholarship and a two-time award winner in Literature from the John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts, including the McGuire Family Award for 1st place in Literature. He is a depth psychologist and current doctoral student in Art and Religion at the Graduate Theological Union and UC Berkeley. 
Setu, January 2021

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  1. Very moving, and give us wider perspectives (no kidding!) during a difficult time. Thanks, Ron.


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