Poetry: Bhupesh Karmakar

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

Nature is a powerful creation of God.
We enjoy our life due to natural beauty.
Sun, moon, and stars are beauty of nature.
Trees birds, and animal are gifts of nature.
Forest is the wondrous beauty on earth.
Sounds of whispering trees amuse us.
Summer, rain, and winter are our life’s beauty.
Ocean, mountain, and sky are miraculous.
Flowers are the greatest gift of nature.
Red rose signifies our love and passion.
Marigold symbolizes auspiciousness.
Lotus flower symbolizes good luck.

We enjoy beauty of nature, 
sunrise, breeze, and
happiness of relatives.

Our life is too short but
still we keep our grievances 
against someone.

We spend our time laughing, 
crying in the rain and 
during sunshine. 

The beauty of life is when 
we see blossomed flowers 
and hear the birds sing.

The more we live, seems our 
life is in succeeding stage 
from the childhood.

I don’t know the purpose of 
Life, but I feel God gives me 
the strength to overcome 
all obstacles.


My soul was craving for love, 
but she thinks I won’t love her.

I was desperate for her affection 
but I was deprived as she thinks 
I didn’t love her on first sight.

She thinks I don’t desire her 
because she was away from me
for a long time.

Making love was not just having 
a relationship which connects two 
peoples’ souls.

My love was like a furious flame, 
I want our love should remain 

Keeping each other happy is an 
experience of indescribable bliss 
of togetherness that can be sweet 
for romantic souls until the night 
is over.


Life is made up of memories, although happy 
childhood was an unforgettable experience. 
The foggy morning, the green fields, the dewdrops 
on the leaves, reminded me about my teenage life.
The untroubled and beautiful atmosphere in village 
is something which I could not find anywhere.  
A mother can only postpone a child’s separation 
from herself but can never put it off forever. 
The bright memories of childhood were really 
unable to stop the tears welling up from my eyes. 
Childhood is the period of dependency which 
usually lasts till the child finishes their education. 
The child’s first day in school is a painful process 
but Childhood is the golden era in one’s life. 


It was an autumn morning and the air
had slight tinge of coldness.
I was listening to the musical voice of birds,
which gave me pleasantness.
I love the fragrance of fresh air and love
to walk inside park in the morning.
I love to enjoy the sunshine environment,
while sitting inside the park,
The beautiful trees created a pleasurable 
environment in the surrounding,
The morning Sun tickled over each small 
leaf of the park like gold rush.
The sound of fluttering leaves filled the air 
making the mind lively.
I used to walk in that pleasant climate,
and enjoy flattering sounds of peacock.  
I loved to walk smartly when the wind blew
and loved to run inside the park.
I could see birds moving hither and thither
in search of their food inside the park.
Some people are doing exercises and  
some old men are gossiping.
I love to be inside the park to spend my 
retired life comfortably.
I love to socialize with like-minded 
people in this beautiful place.

I could see the scenery of mountain 
which was absolutely breathtaking 
during my Darjeeling trip.

The town is on the opposite hill 
with all its glitzy lights dazzling 
like diamonds in the dark.

In the period of dawn, it was still 
dark and surrounded by a cluster
of leaves looking very strange.

The magic began when the sun came 
out and crimson rays fell on 
the Kanchenjunga range.

The view of the Kanchenjunga
and Darjeeling was the most 
memorable experience of my life.

It was an amazing beauty of 
the mighty Himalayas as the whole
range came out in dazzling white.

Darjeeling town, which is noted 
for its tea industry, has created 
a breathtaking and awakening 
environment to enjoy holiday. 

The cold wind whipped strongly 
around the hilly area and the sun 
was shining brightly.

Each step was an effort when we 
were walking against the wind in
that beautiful valley. 

Life was an endless cyclic order of 
revolving Happiness and sorrow
during the journey to Darjeeling.

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