Poetry: Mitra Samal

Mitra Samal
I hear a song

I hear a song
in the frantic chaos
and in absolute silence

I hear a song in 
my fervent dreams and
in disorderly nightmares

I hear it with my eyes closed
and in my perfect vision

I hear it coming from 
a faraway land
but playing closer

The song smears my mind
and seeps into the 
crevices of my heart

I have not counted
the number of times
it comes enticing me

Its melody refreshing my ears
Its rhythm echoing with
my speeding pulses

I wait for it to meander
around me and take me
to its artistic wilderness

I wait to breathe it out
through pen onto a paper
My eyes settle on its words
and my heart hangs on its lines

I may have just, for once,
produced my art

A Conversation

I am talking to a writer who
speaks to me from her grave,
echoing her message into
the eternity
She reads my mind, my vices
and virtues and tells me what
holds true even for this time
I read from her days
I live her life in my life
See through her vision and
understand her astute mind
My thoughts reflecting her
thoughts, her conscious in my
subconscious, building blocks
of words that run viral on pages
which I turn with ardour
Past making its presence in
present, in a way past never dies
It’s the reason for present and
makes way to the future
I drink the ink from the pages,
it takes me to the moon and back
It’s been few hours I am reading
but I have travelled ages
It is true that when mind broadens
it can’t shrink back again
When the normal breaks astounding
makes its way and levitates me


I deal with pain like the
moon deals with black clouds,
waiting to grow out of its shade

Like the sunflower waits for
the sun, to bloom in its brightness

Like the river travels through
pebbles, rocks, and mountains to
finally submerge in the vastness
of the ocean

Like the darkness has its own charm
As it’s beautiful when the night
meets the dawn, after waiting 
patiently without light

Like the land with its dryness
smells at the final touch of raindrops

So, I deal with pain like it is a phase
waiting to unfold into pleasant sparks
I live the pain that prepares me to
endure more
I love the pain that helps register delight
I have made peace with pain and
undergo it as it’s inseparable from life

Bio: Mitra Samal (She/Her), Bhubaneswar India
Mitra mostly writes poems and occasionally pens down stories and memoirs. She is a software professional with a passion for both technology and literature. She has written a poetry book called ‘Beginning’ and often participates in poetry open mics. Her works have been published or scheduled to be published in various magazines including Poetry Society India, Muse India, Borderless Journal, Madras Courier, FemAsia, Different Truths etc. She is also an avid reader and a Toastmaster who loves to speak her heart out. 

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