Poetry: Ch. Sravan

Ch. Sravan

Art of the Clouds

Sprinkling art on our fluffy bodies
Coloured with intangible paints 
With high-intensity wavelength
That cannot be held by paintbrushes
Which we borrow from our friends
Like the sun, winds, stars and rainbow
To name a few from the universal set.

The talent we possess is not in any human
Let alone artists to begin with
For with our skills, we paint and depict
Since the temporal flow of pre-history
Fusing havoc with a touch of beauty.

Hades’s furnace using the vermilion sunset
Showing the fiery fury
Tsunamis with raging winds and thunderbolts 
Sculpting oceanic terror into an artwork
Jewellery with the luminous stars of night
That no bride can hope to wear at her wedding.

Neither any museum big enough to store
Nor any worthy of being chosen 
To display our magnificent masterpieces
Showing the dance of nature.

The Star of the Ocean

Trapped beneath the ocean of darkness
Far into the abysmal depths
Yet the lustre of hers remained bright
For she was a pearl so luminous
Even the oyster that contained her
Failed to conceal the light
That shattered through it and the waters
Freeing her from the confinement.

She took on the waves that came her way
Hindering the rogue waters with her melody
Surfing over like a ballerina
For her heart was not made of iron
That rusted with each blow
But sculpted into the epitome of beauty
Refined and smoothened with every hit
Making it shine like a diamond.

And there she was twinkling all over
Like the only star in the sky-like ocean
Brighter than the real ones up above
Singing the Oceanic Operetta
Becoming the jewel waiting to be adorned.

For I Have You Around

Walking on the sand
In between the desolate land
That burns my feet up
But my destination is clear
And no doubt my arrival will happen
For I have you around.

Swimming upstream against the waves
Of the ocean seemingly enraged
Whose force can crush even boulders 
But I know I would reach the shore
For I have you around.

Climbing the treacherous mountain 
One false move, and into the doom 
Have to keep looking up and go on
But I no longer fear the altitude 
And I know the peak awaits
For I have you around.

Such is the bond of friendship 
That conquers the formidable of individuals
Hence refusing to give myself up to my fears
And to the difficulties I may face
For I have you around.

Bio: Ch. Sravan, currently residing in Hyderabad, India, holds a 5-Year Integrated master’s in economics from the University of Hyderabad (UoH). His research interests lie in Applied Microeconomics, particularly Environmental and Energy Economics, International Trade and Game Theory. His hobbies include origami, poetry, numismatics and sketching.

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