Voices Within: Rajorshi Patranabis

Rajorshi Patranabis is a multilingual poet and translator. A wiccan by philosophy he has experimented with different forms of poetry. He has been published in many national and international journals like Setu Bilingual Magazine (US), The Dhaka Review, The Kolkata Cadence etc. His collections of poems are, The Crossover - love beyond eternity (collection of supernatural and metaphysical love poems), Feriwala (Bengali love poems), Nirjon Soikot -Luit Hooghly (A translation project of Assamese-Bengali poems with Ranjit Dutta, Pregnant (Sonnets), Solstice (Haiku), Through Your Eyes (Ghazals in English with Pen name Kafir), Ramp (translation of Assamese poems to English with Ranjit Dutta)

(Pen name - Kafir)


And then
Clouds burst to cry
Tattered clumsy and shy

Sun claim gold
Moon define silver
Nights speak dark
Days banter hope

And then
Clouds burst to cry
Tattered clumsy and shy

Walk through times
Drips of last crimson sunset
Your glimpse still lingers
Smiles of agony

And then...
Clouds burst to cry
Tattered clumsy and shy

Blue touches you
Red touches me
We touch your breath
Divine touches us

And then
Kafir's truthful lie
Tattered clumsy and shy




Her silence was awkward. We are definitely more than just a friend.
She smiled with a frown. I smiled back. Oblivious to the surrounding, I went ahead and touched her fingers, as if, by accident.

Painted blue
Skies draped to usher
Botched strokes

" Were you deaf to what my eyes were saying?"

I smiled, " I was busy painting your heart. "
My palette was red.


Ether claims air
Soul finds body
Body makes mud. 

Summers bake red
Monsoons splash green
Springs bloom flower.

Black and white
Nights to mornings
Chain of movements. 

Swings of love making 
Our death-defying oscillation.

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