Poetry: Sushma Malhotra

Sushma Malhotra
Ode to a Tree

Beauty of the trees, full of joy
Bring me a sense of its glow,
As the leaves shining feeling coy
Inviting the joggers to rest below.
Chirping of the unnumbered birds
Nestled amidst the leaves
Signaling the rain as it pours
From the pens of the herds
Shaking left and right tree heaves
Bringing joy to my heart that soars.

Masses wait after the scorching heat
Gaze at sky for sun to move away,
Yearning to dance with bare feet
Companionship stays will never betray.
Big trees changing faster facts known
Who wants to remember not to forget,
Ongoing routine continues with trees
Change will happen whether planted or sown
Masses work hard enjoy without sweat,
Flowers, leaves, branches all to squeeze.

Look wait is over and the time has come
All greenery changing from bottom to top,
Orange, red, brown, yellow make me numb
Lumberjacks adore, who came to chop.
My pains disappear and heart relieved
As the eyes sooth with the view on a tree
In search of the painter and his brush
Felt sensation within me and perceived
Unsung and unheard words felt His decree
Nature changed the colors in a hush.

Multicolored leaves covering the ground
Fluttering with the wind up and below
Sometimes in circles or going around
In the sun as kaleidoscopic balls throw.
Tall and elegant tree standing stripped
The gauchy look scares me with tears
Bending its branches to touch the land
Blue sky brings joy, all trees to be equipped
Want to encircle the tree, showing hope with prayers
Promising the drape of leaves as planned.

Moving Time

Slowly and slowly
step by step 
the time crawled 
to bring to its eternity.

Days in to weeks
weeks into months
months into years
then to the next year.

Dawn to dusk
noon to night
watching and listening 
news and reports.

Numbers and names
closing and opening business
trains started working
frontline workers on job.

Politics continued
elections held
losing and winning
parties announced.

Arrogance held high
intelligence defied
race looked down
names were recognized.

The year will pass
the ball will drop
Times Square will lit
masses will watch.

What about the feelings?
What about the changes?
What about the friction?
What about the solutions?

Questions unanswered!
Mystery unresolved, unsettled, and unexplained!
Reasons unfounded, groundless, and unproven!
Connections Mitigated, diminished, and weakened!

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