Jyoti Nair (Colours of Love and Barriers)

Jyoti Nair
Intrinsically from career per se, as a Sr. learning and development professional spearheading multiple business accounts in the HR compass, Jyoti Nair is quite intrigued, with respect to the human behavior spectrum, its layered richness, and uncanny complexities. She believes in the imperative need to harness her writing abilities as experimental plugs to connect with people, with their myriad thought-tunnels…She feels, that’s the pulsating cusp, where the process of writing gallops, in its optimal propensity, towards her as an alchemy: gnawing, prodding, embracing her in varied frequencies. She has been intermittently greasing her quill since many years now, yet every literary piece unfolds as an awakening, while she loves to create canvases anew. Her works have found havens in distinguished poetry journals: The Kali Project & Through The Looking Glass- Indie Blue Publishing, Inspired, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Open Skies Quarterly, Journal of Expressive Writing, Indian Periodical, The Times Group Femina, etc.


Dragon wings of nephrite-jade ravines
Garrotte those ankle-filigrees
Carvings of her surreptitious thoracic 
Therefore, she is a mutilated Chaconne! 
Would you know the incense for her sepulchre? 

Torsos of her yearnings trill
Suffocated arched-songs of Eurasian Blackbirds, in tandem
She's the scorched kite-tail
She, the sloughed-off skin-slather
Of melodies embroidered on birch-wrists
Will you write her frayed-poetry today?
Those maggots are nibbling, the lashes of Canis Major
Even as her soul saunters on the outskirts of Sirius... 

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