Ivan de Monbrison

Art is such an urbane, irrepressible pursuit, bridging peoples and spanning borders… You earlier championed a Minnesota native’s superb paintings of France, now as you ford the Atlantic and bid the states goodbye, touching down in Europe it is time to locate a top-notch maestro living in Paris, fluent in Russian, who besides sublime writing works through design and sculpture in the most unflinching,  transgressive and intrepid fashions, to cultivate masterpieces both fluid and precise, which call to mind the interdisciplinary and subverting triumphs of icons such as Basquiat and Daniel Johnston, the unconventional strokes of inspiration by Marcel Duchamp or Willem de Kooning...

You count yourself so blessed that Ivan de Monbrison is able to join in your merry band of mavens, and recommend anyone moved and enraptured by his work to tune in on Twitter to watch some videos demonstrating his process, documenting how his drawings gradually, meticulously take shape, showcasing how his well formed and proportioned constructions, molded and hewn, can be admired in their native environments from a variety of angles near and far.  Ivan truly takes immersiveness and the installation to whole new levels, creating living breathing environments that are nothing short of revolutionary, breathing new life into the idea and approach toward Bohemianism in the digital age.  You are elated to introduce this fine artist’s work to a new audience, are certain they will immediately become as great fans of his methodology and its substantial yields as you and so many of your associates constantly are.

BIO: Ivan de Monbrison was born in Paris one century after the birth of the painter Matisse and just before some bald apes set their feet on the moon, and put a flag there. Himself is just a poor fellow plagued by psychotic disorders. He has found in poetry a medium to conjure his delirium into, if possible, meaningful words. He writes in many languages because none of them is really his own, probably as a consequence to his autistic tendencies. Back in school, most teachers thought he was a total idiot, maybe they were right, but even an idiot has the right to write, he guesses.  https://sites.google.com/view/ivan-de-monbrison

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