Shloka Shankar

Last, but furthest possible from least one can imagine, it behooves you to charter a plane nonstop to vibrant India, the final destination on your eventful journey.  Because this showcase would not be complete without, you simply must include some work from the incomparable Shloka Shankar!  In the challenging, highly competitive field of short form poetry and artwork published in the English language Shloka has over the years established herself as one of the most proficient, prolific and exciting forces, honing an entirely unparalleled and exceptional visual style which has earned her worldwide stature and admiration, and a place at the highest pinnacle of haiga expertise in that rarified air alongside legendary practitioners the caliber of Debbie Strange and Alan Summers.  Shankar, never one to rest on antiquated traditions or accept stodgy, tiresome expectations, in her writing as much as her visual productions, with an astonishing drive and captivating audacity succeeds time and time again at innovating form and content, of both poetry and the images she pairs it with, dragging – what in less capable hands may make for – characteristically pedantic styles of haiku and shahai/ink brushing kicking and screaming into the most advanced and sophisticated modes of thought and aesthetics the 21st century has to offer her enraptured public.  

You are tremendously fortunate she is kind enough to include two charming pieces in your show, which provide a wonderful introduction to the staggering, phenomenal work readers can further encounter in Shloka’s brilliant recent collection ‘The Field of Why’, one of the hottest publications of the year from Yavanika press.  Shankar does not limit herself to digital though, and furthermore has created a plethora of delightful applications of her talent.  Those who enjoy incorporating design elements into their daily lives may purchase a wide and handsome array of bookmarks, tote bags, bath mats, travel mugs, wall clocks, not to mention of course many stunning art prints (including visual poetry, collage papers) from her elegant website bric-à-brac.  

BIO: Shloka Shankar is a poet and self-taught visual artist from Bangalore, India. A Best of the Net nominee and award-winning haiku poet, Shloka is the Founding Editor of Sonic Boom and its imprint Yavanika Press. She is the author of the microchap Points of Arrival (Origami Poems Project, 2021) and her debut full-length haiku collection, The Field of Why (Yavanika Press, 2022).

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