Dave Read

At this leg of the journey, you realize it’s well past time, indeed overdue, would be remiss if neglected and certainly need to venture out of your own nation if we are to truly describe this showcase as inclusive, far-reaching, global in scope and breadth.  Luckily you know the perfect place to start, only regret not having planned better and gotten there directly from Minneapolis where you started.  Still, better late than never you visited superlative craftsman, visionary, and virtuoso Dave Read, who besides being a widely celebrated poet represents one of the most skillful and distinguished masters in the elusive art of asemic writing the world over.  

As he has demonstrated time and time again, from his two unforgettable collections (including recent One Letter Poems, highly worth picking up a copy of you are well aware) to countless outstanding publications online and in print throughout the world’s leading journals, Read has painstakingly established himself as one of the reigning authorities and title holder among the toughest weight class for what he does day after day in infinite, variegated, bewitching iterations.  You are thrilled that Dave is so munificently willing to share his work in this exhibition, and highly encourage anyone unfamiliar with asemic drawing (a tradition with a rich history from Chinese calligraphers through American cryptologists such as Cy Twombly) to follow him on Twitter for a compelling, magnificent introduction to its many charms and edifying facets, which provide devotees with the most rewarding sense of satisfaction, moments of serenity and zen in admiring and exalting.

BIO: Dave Read is a Canadian short form poet and asemic writer. His first chapbook of asemic writing, “Notebook” is available from Paper View Books. His second chapbook, “One Letter Poems”, is available from the author at davidlread@gmail.com. https://davereadpoetry.blogspot.com/ 

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