Matthew Bullen

While you’re out in Californ-eye-ay, it would be rude not to take the newly installed subway system E line out to Santa Monica for a chance to invite good Matthew Bullen to join up in this grand venture you are recruiting for.  And thankfully that knowledgeable, renaissance scholar – with a background in anthropology and web developing, but perhaps best and most familiarly known for editing the beloved, widely read and recognized literary review Red Ogre, having also published in National Geographic (!!) and presently employed by a major entertainment studio – is willing to allow two of his niftiest photographs from a stellar, attractive body of street photography which could make Vivian Meier or Alfred Stieglitz envious, and admirers luckily are able to order through his ArtPal account on mugs, or different grades of print from inexpensive fine art, to medium priced canvas, or as framed prints well suited for the most refined settings and decor imaginable.

Intriguingly, for the adventurous investors braving their way into fresh territories and approaches toward art as a means of storing value, Bullen’s company Liquid Raven Media also offers his street, found art, and digital works (these pieces included) as ‘non fungible tokens’ which – you’re not entirely familiar with this burgeoning new industry so may understand incorrectly – purchasers can buy a portion of on OpenSea, blazing bold new ground as trend-setter and pioneer.  You raise your hat to Matthew on entering the vanguard of this wild Wild West he so courageously inhabits, cheer on his continued triumphs, root for the success of his journal and eagerly look forward to what future framings his sojourns across the Pacific weirds hold in store…

BIO: Matthew Bullen trained as an anthropologist and web developer, is a recent honors graduate of Lancaster University’s Creative Writing Masters program (England).  Matt is the founder and head editor of Red Ogre Review, an online journal of contemporary poetry and occasionally photography and visual art.  He has previously published poetry with Arsenic Lobster and glassworks and creative nonfiction with National Geographic.  He lives in Santa Monica, California where, aside from writing, he works for a well-known movie and television studio.  Bullen is the owner of Liquid Raven Media, a web media development firm.

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